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"Impact Fellowship"
Internship Programme

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Programme Details

Recruit talents from VolTra's Alumni pool with over 87,537 certified members as "Impact Fellow" internship, or even Full-time staff in your organization!

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In this programme, you can recruit up to 5 talents as interns in your organization to join a service of 60 hours.

VolTra would prepare a set of training to the participants, and get them ready for achieving greater impact of your organization!  

Our alumni are well trained and certified with different practical skills and mindset, from social media creativity to programme operation or even funding application.

Throughout the service period, they could create extra value to your organization by taking part in various roles to support your mission.

Internship Arrangement

  • Programme Period: Oct - Dec 2021
  • Service Hour: 60 hours for each participant
  • Service Schedule:
    You can arrange the service schedule according to your organization's event date, opening hours, or work arrangement 

Full-time Recruitment Arrangement

  • You can write down the recruitment information on the form below, we would help those selected partners to post their recruitment information on our platform

We would review your organization's application according to:
1) The Mission and Social Impact of the organization
2) The uniqueness and attractiveness of the position

(VolTra would contact shortlisted organization for further confirmation within August)

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Feedback from previous "Impact Fellow" participants

It's more than a job, it's a chance for me to achieve and grow

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Karen Lai Gar Ling
Partner Organization:
Hong Kong Free Tours

“When I was on the first day of service, I was quite confused as I am not sure about my value. 
But it's my great pleasure to have my colleagues and supervisor, who is willing to work with me and empower me to achieve greater impact. This programme is a great chance to create a new chapter of my life!" 

Ruby Tam
Partner Organization:

"The greatest achievement for me in this programme is to realize the sprit of "Maker". I tried a lot of different experience, from 3D printing to wood carpenter work. I've never imagined that I can have so many creative and innovative idea in my life! "

Action now to invite young talents as "Impact Fellow" interns to achieve greater  impact and create social value together!