10 Highlighted International Mission🚩

Explore the international culture with the 10 highlighted International Mission 🌎

(For University Programme participants,
you can waive the programme fee of this part with the coupon code:INTL)
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  • Make friends with international students🌎
  • Virtual Adventure around the world📲
  • Thrilling Mission Challenge Game Session🎪
  • Contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)💡
  • Redeem Certificate to beef up your Resume📚
(For University Programme participants, you can waive the programme fee of this part with the coupon code: INTL)

 Programme Highlight 

#1)  Make friends with International students 

Interested in making friends and networking with inspiring students from around the world? We have connected with students from more than 20 counties here!

#2) Virtual Adventure
around the world

Chance to share the unique culture of your country with various angle. Book your spot on this “virtual flight” to travel around amazing culture of different countries!

#3) Thrilling Mission Challenge Game Session

Time to play with international peers on culture-related online missions! Gain the miles and strike for higher ranking while connecting with friends and cultures around the world.

#4) Contribute to the Sustainable
Development Goals (SDGs) 

Participate in engaging actions or even initiate your own idea in responding to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Be a hero to make our world a better place!

#5) Redeem Certificate to
       beef up your Resume

Learn about International Collaboration skills and Global Social Issues during the programme, and redeem the certificate to show the skills you’ve gained!

Mission Challenge Highlights

Explore the world 🌏 and
build international relationship 👯‍♀️
in an interactive and interesting way! 😍

Feedback from previous participants

This journey has brought me a lot of positive new knowledge, more understanding from other cultures, and it has touched my heart. I loved completing the tasks which were fun, interesting, and challenging.

I have raised awareness, learned a lot, and adopted new sustainable habits after this programme.

(Bazan Walker Eva Assul, Mexico)
I hope to continue having extraordinary experiences like this programme again. Some tasks are really inspiring for my life-style as a Glocal Citizen, such as conserving water, taking good care of plants, exercising and so on.

I am very proud to be in this programme so far, especially when I get lots of friends from various countries in the world. It really broaden my insight and make myself more open-minded.

(Gianty Mita Rengganis, Indonesia)
Due to the pandemic, I couldn’t get a real international camp. But in this programme, I could improve my English and meet several international friends!

I enjoy connecting and chatting with them throughout the mission challenge period and after the programme. I hope to see my new friends in the reality as soon as possible!

(Francesca Tria, Italy)
 I was inspired by all the people I met in this programme. My dream is to work globally in an harmony environment with various ethnics. It was so inspiring to have many people from all around the world involved in this project.

Their passion always motivated me. After joining this programme, I want to learn English more and be more proactive in international occasions.

(Keika Kosukegawa, Japan)

Make friends with International students and explore the culture together!

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