How does it Work?

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In general, anyone who wants to join the workcamp has to apply for the vacancy through a workcamp organization in his home country. The application fee involved is one of the main sources of income of the workcamp organization.

In the advanced regions, e.g. Europe, Japan and Hong Kong, etc, more people are able to support themselves to go abroad for overseas workcamps. So, the sum of application fee received by the workcamp organization may be sufficient to cover the daily operations expenses and to finance their local workcamp projects. Extra workcamp fee is thus usually not required from overseas participants, no matter where they are from.

On the contrary, in economically disadvantaged countries, e.g. Africa, South East Asia and South America,  the number of placement of workcamp participants abroad is very limited, which makes them impossible to operate only by the Application Fee received. In many cases, the extra fee is usually used to cover the hosting workcamp organizations’ expenses on accommodation and meals for workcamp participants when they organize workcamps in their countries. Extra fee is also the only form of financial support for these organizations, where there is little or even no alternative funding source.

*VolTra is a non-profit organization financed by the application fee received from workcamp participants. The income will cover VolTra’s expenses on daily operation and administration as well as the costs of organizing international workcamps and voluntary service projects in Hong Kong.


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