What is Workcamp?

After the First World War…

International workcamps originated after the end of World War I. The first international workcamp was organized in 1920 in Verdun, France, next to the German border. Teenage volunteers from France and Germany, who were former enemies during the war, cooperated to reconstruct the destroyed farms.

The volunteers in the workcamp impelled others to work for peace. Thus, more and more volunteers participated in the move and their works were supported by the people and the governments.

Early development of workcamps mainly focused on construction work organized in newly independent countries and peace promotion in Eastern and Western Europe. Later on, the education and the international exchange became more important. Workcamps were regarded as a tool for creating intercultural understanding and solidarity among people.

The number of environmental projects was rapidly increasing for the needs of the world since 1980s. From 1990s, the international workcamp movement came to Asia. The development of workcamp projects in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other South East Asian countries is getting mature, with the number of volunteers keep rising. The first international workcamp organization in Hong Kong was established in 2009 to promote the values of international volunteering.



Although each workcamp organization and international workcamp have their own aims, the common aim is to achieve a peaceful, healthy, just and sustainable world by:

1.Creating and supporting voluntary movements for ecology, human rights, self-sufficiency, etc.
2.Activating and involving new people in local communities and NGO/NPO.
3.Promoting global understanding, friendship and solidarity.


What is workcamp?

An international workcamp is an international voluntary project in which participants from different countries can meet, live, work, learn and exchange with local people.


Concerning issues about environmental conservation, cultural heritage, social justice, rural and human development, etc.

In general, 5-day work per week, about 5-6 hours per day

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Living together and sharing all the daily works, such as meals and cleaning,

Volunteers may choose to explore places around during free time

Life in Workcamp


Usually consist of a group of 10-20 overseas and local workcamp participants

In general, anyone who is 18 years old or above can join, while some workcamps have different age range

Who can Join


Workcamps can be held anytime all over the year, except some time-specified workcamp

The service period ranges from 2 weeks to 1 year, with a normal duration of around two weeks

Workcamp Highlights


Depending on the duration of the workcamp

Overseas workcamp fee:HKD 1750 ~ (Extra fee may be charged in some workcamp projects)

Fee of Hong Kong workcamp:HKD 1750~

How much does it Cost



Breakthrough the language barriers. “As we volunteers came from 5 different countries, we used our own language to write Happy Birthday on a piece of paper, and took a picture with it on a Viking ship. We then posted the picture on our team leader’s wall to surprise him.”VolTrateer [email protected] Iceland Cultural Exchange, and share the accomplishments with each other. “Using the limited Spanish that I’ve learnt from the locals, I successfully taught them how to play the Happy Birthday song! Within the short period of time at the workcamp, they can already play a few popular songs, I’m satisfied!”VolTrateer Cheung Wai [email protected] Mexico
Experience life, and learn to respect. “The kids at a small village in Coast Province of Kenya enjoy going for a walk hand in hand with people with different races. This shows that kids do not discriminate, they only know love.VolTrateer [email protected] Kenya Change the world with little efforts. “The pile of books on the table in front of you, is the best present for the kids from remote poor areas. Imagine if we could send the excess materials to people in need, how perfect would it be?”VolTrateer [email protected] Kenya


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