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When should I submit my application?

Most workcamp organizations announce workcamp lists for the coming year in mid March each year. Summer is the peak season, so that if you want to apply for summer workcamps, better take action in March or April . The places go fast as the camps are open to all over the world. If you want to join the camps in the fall or winter period, please pay attention to the start date of the camps.You are recommended to summit your application 30 days before the camp starts (if the destination requires visa, earlier is better). The camps are on first-come-first serve basis. Application results are generally in 10-14 working days.

Since workcamps are open for applicants all over the world and their placement are generally first-come-first-serve, we recommend applicants to submit application 3 months in advance.

How to find the most updated information?

Looking for the latest workcamp information? You may refer to our Workcamp Highlights to see our recommendation, or Search Workcamp directly on our Workcamp Search Engine, where you can interactively search for workcamps by country, date and project type.

How to speed up my application progress?

Normally, you will receive our email on the status of placement within 14 days.

To ensure a smooth application procedure, please submit all the necessary documents listed in the workcamp details.

1) Some workcamp description specifies that a Motivation Letter should be submitted by the applicants. If your first choice of workcamp requires this letter, please submit it together with your application by email.
2) Since the Hong Kong Police Force does not issue the Certificate of No Criminal Conviction under normal circumstances, VolTra does not arrange placement for any workcamp in which its workcamp description has specified the requirement of the Certificate of Good Conduct.
3) If you are under 18 years old, your parent or guardian is required to sign the Acknowledgement of Risks, Consent & Undertaking of Parent / Guardian. Please submit it together with your application.
4) If you choose workcamps in United Kingdom and the primary reason is to be a volunteer, you are required to obtain the Tier 5 Visa to enter the United Kingdom. Supporting letters of workcamp participation for visa application can be provided by the hosting workcamp organizations upon request. However, there is no guarantee on the approval of your visa application. Also, you are required to bear all costs incurred on visa application. Since application for the Tier 5 Visa normally requires a processing time of 2 months, you should submit your application form much earlier.


We only accept payment by Visa / MasterCard. If you have any problems, please report to [email protected]

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