【FULL】 Capturing Aurora @ Iceland


Talking about Iceland, what do you think of? It must be the stunning aurora!

This winter in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, you will have the chance to meet photography enthusiasts from all over the world! The aurora and all other beautiful scenes you captured may also become part of exhibition or be made into movies to let the locals to admire the beauty of the nature!

Workcamp overview

Code Dates Name Age Details
SEEDS 007 7-16/2/2019 Photography, Auroras & Lights Festival 18 or above 【Full】
SEEDS 009 18-27/02/2019 Photography & Aurora Hunting in February 18 or above 【Full】
SEEDS 011 28/2-9/3/2019 Photography & Aurora Hunting In March 18 or above 【Full】
SEEDS 119 8-17/9/2018 Photography & Aurora Hunting In Reykjavík 18 or above 【Full】
SEEDS 121 18-27/9/2018 Photography & Aurora Hunting In September 18 or above 【Full】
SEEDS 127 22-31/10/2018 Photography & Aurora Hunting In October 18 or above 【Full】
SEEDS 129 1-10/11/2018 Photography, Aurora 18 or above 【Full】
SEEDS 131 12-21/11/2018 Photography & Aurora Hunting In November 18 or above 【Full】
SEEDS 133 22/11-1/12/2018 Winter Photography & Aurora Hunting 18 or above 【Full】
SEEDS 135 3-12/12/2018 Advent & Aurora Hunting Photo Marathon 18 or above 【Full】
SEEDS 137 12-21/12/2018 Christmas & Aurora Hunting Photo Marathon 18 or above 【Full】
SEEDS 139 27/12/2018-5/1/2019 New Year’s & Aurora Hunting Photo Marathon 18 or above 【Full】
SEEDS 001 7-16/01/2019 Photography & Aurora hunting in January 18 or above 【Full】
SEEDS 003 17-26/1/2019 Photography, Auroras and mid-winter festival 18 or above 【Full】
SEEDS 005 28/1-6/2/2019 Photo Marathon & Aurora Hunting in Winter 18 or above 【Full】

Workcamp details

Main duties (Please refer to the details on the application page)
– Exchanging ideas with international volunteers and the host about photography and different cultures
– Photographing aurora in the camp. Outstanding works will be displayed in an informal group exhibition and played in a local independent cinema.

Accommodation and food
– Participants will stay in an equipped house in Reykjavík, which is located about 4 kilometers from the centre of the city with basic facilities with a shower, kitchen and a washing machine.
– The group will sleep in shared rooms and shall bring their own sleeping bag.
– Participants will receive food supplies and be in charge of the cooking and cleaning activities.

Leisure activities
– Visiting the capital Reykjavík
– Local markets and movies

Things to bring
– Participants should bring their own sleeping bags
– Personal photography equipment (Camera, lens, tripod) and laptop should be brought
– Sufficient clothing for staying warm (Down jacket, gloves and winter cap) – Participants should pay attention to weather forecast of the area

– Differ from regular workcamps, this series of workcamps focuses on learning and sharing. The host organization will assign voluntary work for participants depending on weather conditions and participants’ preference.
– Because of the irregularity of sunspots activity, there is no guarantee that the participants could see the aurora.

【The host organization will provide accommodation and food. Participants need to arrive the meeting point themselves, and be responsible for the air tickets, local transportation and other personal expenses】

Other details will be provided 3 weeks before departure. Successful participants will receive email confirmation.

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