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#古蹟保育 #社區服務





在迷人的印尼中爪哇,一個古老的奇蹟 — 宏偉的普蘭巴南寺廟群,聯合國教科文組織世界遺產,屹立不倒,吸引著遠方的探險者。然而,在地震頻發的土地上,普蘭巴南的遺產也面臨著與大自然的搏鬥。自然災害甚至延伸至整個社區,威脅著他們文化核心。


參與教科文組織世界遺產教育計劃,一同作出貢獻吧!與當地年輕人和社區攜手努力,這對你而言將是一場難忘的旅程! 我們將走出旅遊景點的界限,深入體驗村民的真實生活。尋找寧靜和重建的希望,並於民宿體驗中找到了與當地人的連結。現在,這個迷人之地正等待著您的探索,一同見證這個經歷了挑戰卻充滿希望的文化寶藏。


日期:🚩2024年8月11日 (日) - 17日 (六) 【7日6夜】
地點:印尼中爪哇日惹 (Yogyakarta, Central Java)

義工種類: 古蹟修復及社區服務

對象18歲以上人士, 擁有基本英語能力



🚩[請留意] 團隊尚未確定成團,你最遲會於6月1日前收到我們的確認電郵通知,如未能成團,您將獲得全額退款。


✅ 短期體驗:只需幾天時間即可體驗國際工作營滋味,適合假期有限的人士
✅ 港人限定:同行朋友皆為有共同語言及文化的香港參加者,在旅程中建立新友誼,在工作營後亦能在香港相見輕鬆維繫關係
✅ 彈性安排:團隊集合及解散地點為當地車站,自由安排前後行程及航班
✅ 旅遊淡季:獨特地點及體驗、更低價,可避開旺季人潮


Terms and Conditions

  1. Participants must participate in at least one online session and complete a final team project to be eligible for program certificates and awards.

  2. If a participant is found to have falsely reported personal information, Yiyou reserves the right to cancel his or her participation and award qualifications.

  3. Those who get the designated ranking in the first stage can enter the second stage, and the final score will only be determined based on the scores of the second stage.

  4. In the second stage of the plan, participants need to form a group of 3-5 people to complete the team task. After the team is formed, it is not allowed to change the team members by itself. The second stage is a team task. The five groups with the highest scores, all team members will be awarded the Volunteer Tour "All-round Exchange Voucher"* (valued at HK$7,500).

  5. Participants must be between the ages of 18 and 29 in order to receive the "All-round Redemption Voucher" for the volunteer tour.

  6. The volunteer tour will take photos and videos during the event for record and future promotion of the volunteer tour. If you don't want to be on camera, the contestants need to ask the staff on their own.

  7. If you sign up to participate in this plan, you agree that Yiyou will use your personal information (including but not limited to your name, phone number, email address, address, institution/company/school, etc.) submitted by you through different forms (including electronic forms), As a volunteer tour, we will communicate with you and provide volunteer tour information, process registration, issue receipts, research/statistics, fundraising, collect opinions, event invitations, promotions, direct marketing, and any project matters related to volunteer tours. It also means that Yiyou will transfer your information to a third-party organization that provides services for this plan.

  8. Volunteer Tours reserves the right to change the above terms and conditions. In case of any disputes, Volunteer Tours reserves the right of final decision.

    *The Volunteer Tour "All-round Redemption Voucher" will include the volunteer tour work camp registration fee and the camp fee collected by the local work camp organization. Participants need to bear the expenses other than the volunteer tour registration fee and camp fee, including air tickets, travel insurance and other expenses. Additional costs caused by local quarantine regulations. For more details, please refer to the International Work Camp project information on the volunteer website.

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