All applicants must understand VolTra’s conditions for workcamp placement. Submission of the application form means that you fully understand and accept the following terms and conditions:

1. International workcamps are organized and supervised by hosting workcamp organizations, not by VolTra. VolTra makes no guarantee as to the quality of work, the living condition and the programme of individual workcamps.

2. The exact conditions of each workcamp may vary and applicants should pay attention to them before application. Applicants shall be responsible for the safety of themselves and their belongings. By submitting their application, applicants agree to the conditions set out by the hosting workcamp organizations. They shall cooperate fully with the hosting workcamp organizations and other workcamp participants, and join the workcamp activities positively by cooperating with others as well as respecting the local culture and hosting workcamp organizations.

3. Applicants shall agree to the payment of the application fee and the relevant amendment and cancellation policies. In some cases, applicants are required to pay camp fee to the hosting workcamp organizations. Applicants are responsible for air tickets, medical and travel insurance, vaccination, visa, traveling arrangement and payment, etc. There is no salary in a workcamp but meal and accommodation are provided.

4. VolTra and its partner organizations reserve the right to refuse placement to any applicant with no obligation to provide a reason and to terminate an applicant’s placement if deemed necessary, with refund of the application fee at the discretion of VolTra.

5. Applicants shall understand the visa requirement and its approval condition of the destination before submission of application forms. Applicants are responsible for arranging their visas with the assistance of VolTra or hosting workcamp organization if necessary. However, there is no guarantee on the approval of your visa application. Also, applicants are required to bear all costs incurred on visa application.

6. Applicants shall keep VolTra informed of any change of their important information such as travel and contact information. VolTra and hosting workcamp organizations are not liable for any incident arises from applicants’ failure to provide accurate and updated information. VolTra and applicants communicate exclusively by email unless otherwise requested.

7. Applicants should keep abreast of the condition of the countries hosting the workcamp before and after their application. Applicants’ decision as to joining or leaving the workcamp they have applied for are made at their own risk.

8. Insurance for accidental injury, loss, and damage to the applicants may be provided by some hosting workcamp organizations, but not all. VolTra recommends all applicants to buy travel and medical insurance before joining a workcamp. VolTra shall not compensate any of applicants’ losses.

9. Hosting workcamp organizations do not have responsibility to inform VolTra whether the applicants have arrived at the workcamps or not. The applicants are obliged to provide valid emergency contact in their application forms. The applicants should keep their families and friends well informed of their status and location during and after the workcamp.

10. Applicants should at all times comply with local laws and the rules of the hosting workcamp organizations. Hosting workcamp organizations reserve the right to restrict or prohibit the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs and to expel the applicants from the workcamps without any refund if they do not comply with the rules.

11. VolTra is not liable to any applicant for (1) failure of any aircraft, ship, train, vessel or other means of transportation to depart or arrive according to any schedule, agreement or otherwise; and (2) any injury or loss to the applicant or property of the applicant arising from, or in any way connected with, the applicant’s participation in workcamps arranged through VolTra, including but not limited to any injury or loss caused by clerical errors, mechanical difficulties, diseases, disasters, fire, traffic accidents, violence, robbery, hijack, riots, wars, civil disobedience, strikes, labour disputes, weather conditions, acts of God, quarantine, or any occurrence beyond the control of VolTra.

Workcamp Tips  / 2019


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