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Cultural Navigator Training Camp 2023


Deadline: May 30, 2023(Tuesday) 23:59

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Leaving the comfort zone is the bravest adventure. As travel and exchanges between different countries resume, we can go to different "righteous" corners to connect with the world. However, in order to lead partners from different backgrounds to create this warm journey together, besides bringing your enthusiasm and curiosity, how can you be better prepared?  

In this training camp, you can...

Become a cultural navigator,Lead more people to create various possibilities for the world, practice ideas together and connect different cultures

Learned to combineRefined from volunteer travel experience"Spiritual Journey",help youTake a leadership role in a multicultural environment

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Traveling With Friends
  • Willing to serve as a voluntary cultural navigator in the future and lead local/overseas voluntary projects;  

  • Understand and agree with the concept of voluntary travel, willing to assume the responsibility of being a citizen of the world; 

  • Good command of Chinese and English, proactive personality;  

  • Have participated in international work camps or other activities organized by Volunteer Travel;  

  • Age: over 18 


important schedule

Culture Navigator Training Camp: July 15-16

📆Date: July 15 (Sat) to July 16 (Sun)

🏡Venue: TBC

✨During the training, you will share the "voluntary travel mentality" based on past volunteer travel experience and insights, and learn together this major that will help you play a leading role in a multicultural environment, and lead more people to create various possibilities for the world!

(Practice link) Cultural leadership on-line activities: mid-August

📆Date: Mid-August

🏡Venue: Zoom

✨Meet more like-minded friends through online activities, lead more people to create various possibilities for the world, practice ideas together, and connect different cultures!

(Practice session) International Training Camp 2023: August 24-28

📆Date: August 24-28

🏡Venue: Hong Kong Playground Association Jockey Club Silvermine Bay Camp

✨Recognize and lead partners from different backgrounds and countries to participate in the training camp, use the "voluntary travel method" to play a leading role in a multicultural environment, spread the concept of volunteer travel together, and "turn touch into action" together


"Life begins when we leave our comfort zone" - Neale Donald Walsch

Participants with outstanding performance will have the opportunity to...

Get a Culture NavigatorCertificate, more opportunities to become volunteer ambassadors, leading different volunteer activities


Meet like-minded friends, share lifestyles of different cultures, and explore the community together

Join our team and travel around the world to participate in overseas volunteer activities (such as Mongolia, Japan, Estonia, etc.)



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Terms and Conditions

  1. Upon completion of the bootcamp, participants must participate in at least one day of practicum to be eligible for a program certificate.

  2. The volunteer tour will take photos and videos during the event for record and future promotion of the volunteer tour. If you don't want to be on camera, the contestants need to ask the staff on their own.

  3. If you sign up to participate in this plan, you agree that Yiyou will use your personal information (including but not limited to your name, phone number, email address, address, institution/company/school, etc.) submitted by you through different forms (including electronic forms), As a volunteer tour, we will communicate with you and provide volunteer tour information, process registration, issue receipts, research/statistics, fundraising, collect opinions, event invitations, promotions, direct marketing, and any project matters related to volunteer tours. It also means that Yiyou will transfer your information to a third-party organization that provides services for this plan.

  4. Volunteer Tours reserves the right to change the above terms and conditions. In case of any disputes, Volunteer Tours reserves the right of final decision.

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