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Have you ever experienced a journey that truly touched your heart? Were you touched by the stories, or by the hospitality and passions of the locals?

Founder of Light On Charity – Pink Lee, volunteered with Edventure Nepal for 3 months. She was deeply touched by the purity and happiness of the kids, and aspired to contribute more. She supported the kids by organising workcamps each year, bringing overseas volunteers to Nepal and support the growth of development of the kids.

This summer, let’s follow Pink’s footstep to visit the 12 amazing kids, be their friends and tell them your stories. Bring your world to them, and get touched by the welcoming Nepalese.

Name of Workcamp: Love and Light Action – to the Children’s Home
Workcamp Code: VTBW18-09
Organizers: VolTra (Hong Kong) and Edventure Nepal (Nepal)
Age Limit: 25 or above
Date: 18-22 August 2018
Location: Pokhara, the second largest city in Nepal, which is also the gateway for trekking to the Himalayas
Meeting Point & Time: Hotel Love and Light, on 18 August 2018, 10 am
Dismissal Point & Time: Hotel Love and Light, on 22 August 2018, am
Pre-camp Briefing Sessions (Compulsory):
– First Briefing: Early July
– Second Preparation Workshop: Early August
(Exact Date / Time will be advised)

For the benefits of the orphans in Edventure Nepal
– Bring love and light to the children.
– Provide a happy and family-like environment for the children.
– Reduce the workloads of the care-takers.
– Improve the English of the children and widen their horizon.

For the personal development of Hong Kong volunteers
– ‘Live how a local lives.’ Go beyond one’s comfort zone by leading a simple local life.
– Learn and appreciate the local culture while not bringing materialistic culture to the children.
– Learn and experience teamwork.
– Learn how to enjoy the present moment.
– Train up the qualities of forbearance, tolerance, compassion, determination and being grateful to everything in life.

As the children in the orphanage follow a particular routine, volunteers’ work also need to go around that. The children have a full day school from Sunday to Thursday, a half-day school on Friday and a day off on Saturday.
Volunteers will be split into two groups to take turn in doing different work day by day. One group will be responsible for teaching and arranging activities for the children, and the other group will be responsible for all the
house chores. The main work includes:
– Creative Teaching in English.
– Arranging arts and sports activities for the children.
– Doing all kinds of house chores.

Hotel Love and Light – a place you call home
Volunteers will stay at Children’s home’s social enterprise Hotel Love and Light (Established by Amrit and former volunteer Pink Lee, for details, please check:
https://goo.gl/c6IC4S) in Lakeside which is about 45 mins walking distance from the Children’s home. Volunteers will be accommodated in one single mixed dorm. There are common bathrooms and toilets, but hot shower water is not guaranteed as it depends on the solar power and the irregular power supply.

Volunteers are responsible for carrying out cooking and cleaning duties by turns. They have the chance to learn to cook Nepalese food from Amrit. Food materials will be provided by the local organizer on request from volunteers.
The orphanage is vegetarian-based, they only eat chicken once a week. In Nepalese culture, people do not eat beef and pork. In order to respect the local custom, volunteers should follow the same diet during the whole period in
the project. Safe drinking water will be provided.

Volunteers are recommended to bring their home country ingredients and recipes to share their home dishes with others.

Fee: HK$3,100 (Application Fee) + HK$2,800 (Camp Fee) = HK$5,900
You will enjoy early bird Discount by applying on or before 8 Jun 2018: HK$2,500 (Application Fee) + HK$2,800 (Camp Fee) = HK$5,300 

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