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Located along the Baltic Sea, the population of Estonia approximately accounts for one-fifth of Hong Kong’s population (around 1.3 billion). However, its territory area is 16 times larger than us! Having a sparsely-populated environment, it helped shape the nature-loving culture in Estonia.

Estonia is a country where forests occupied half of the land area. It was thereby signified as “country with the cleanest air” by the World Health Organisation. There being no land problems, you will find yourself embraced by the natural scenery once you left the urban area. Farmland and parks are where the locals spend their relaxing weekend. Under no circumstances do the Estonian refuse to enjoy the nature.

Apart from gorgeous natural scenery, the coverage of WiFi in Estonia is broad. It could reach almost every part of the country, not to mention in the midst of forests. The government even listed “surfing the Internet” as human rights. They have implemented “e-Estonia” system in which their citizens could pay for their tax and even vote online, fulfilling their civic responsibility in an easy way. They believe that it doesn’t matter where you are to care for your country or to connect with the world. This year August, probe into Estonia with us! Let’s gain knowledge about their natural lifestyle.

Bonus!! The Estonia Workcamp is our first-time-ever family-oriented workcamp! Come and explore the organic environment, thus witnessing the harmonious human nature symbiosis.


Workcamp Code: VTBW18-10

Name: Enjoy the Nature @ Estonia

Location: Kiidi Farm, 15km apart from Võru, close to the Russia and Latvia border 

Date: 4 August 2018 (Sat) – 8 August 2018 (5 days)

Meeting Point and Time: 8:45AM- 4 Aug @ Tallinn Coach Station (Tallinn, Harjumaakond)

Dismissal Time and Date: 11:30AM – 8 Aug @ Kidii Farm (Remark: It takes a 4-hour bus ride to go back to the capital)

Type: Environment

Target: Family (children aged 6 or above)

Quota: 15

Pre-camp Briefing (Compulsory): 10 July (Tue) 7:30PM @ VolTra Office 


  1. Plant pine trees
  2. Clear the hiking track and snowboarding trail
  3. Repaint the signs for hikers
  4. Collect, transfer and split firewood
  5. Construct fences for sheep
  6. Prepare materials for blanket knitting
  7. Clean the wool for art crafts and carpet production
  8. Organise cultural exchange at local community and schools

(Actual workload may subject to changes due to local conditions and needs)

Accommodation & Meal

  1. Volunteers will stay in farmhouse equipped with beds, toilets and showering tools (hot water available), sauna room
  2. The host will prepare meals, volunteers are encouraged to help with cooking

Leisure Activities

  1. Sightseeing at neighbouring community e.g. Suur Munamägi, Vastseliina castle ruins, Võru town etc.
  2. Appreciate natural scenery e.g. visiting Hinni Canyon, Piusa River Ancient Valley landscape reserve, Rõuge Primeval Valley hiking trail etc.
  3. Learn to make artistic handcraft or folk dances 

Workcamp  / 2018


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