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Impact Fellow Social Enterprise Internship Program
Impact Fellow Social Enterprise Internship Program

Impact Fellow Social Enterprise Internship Program

The darker the night, the brighter the stars✨. Don't bury your talent, join "Impact Fellow" and become a rising star in the social enterprise field. Let's continue to explore the community and the world together, practice the concept of the organization, and create more possibilities for ourselves and Hong Kong. Volunteering wants an intern! #Marketing #art administration ​#文化旅游

Time & Location

30 Mar 2023, 14:29



Position 1: Volunteer Marketing Intern (Click below to learn more)

Participation conditions:

1. Hong Kong permanent residents aged 18 or above (preferred)

2. Studying or graduating from colleges and universities 

3. Fresh grad or less than 2 years of work experience 

4. Priority will be given to those who have participated in the Volunteer Leadership Academy or other voluntary activities


  • Assist in all marketing initiatives, including but not limited to promotional activities, advertising campaigns and publicity plans
  • Formulate marketing campaigns; develop marketing materials such as social media contents, photos and videos, etc.
  • Manage marketing communications and collaterals, including eDM, social medias and publications, etc.
  • Work with freelancers to create marketing materials, including social media and website contents, etc.
  • Liaise with business partners and medias to explore new promotion channels and joint promotion opportunities
  • Compile reports and co-ordinate with different teams and external partners to implement different projects
  • Facilitate the communication and promote co-creation culture among the community

What are the benefits of joining volunteer tours?  

  • In-depth 14 years of institutional philosophy and practice: Give full play to personal influence and become a Glocal Action promoter!
  • Exclusive benefits: free participation in volunteer activities! more availableHK$7500 International Work Camp Voucher + $5000 Internship Bonus
  • The editor has transformed into a editor: "learning by doing " together!Become an IG editor with 100k followers!Provide on-the-job training and exclusive courses (such as image design, marketing analysis, etc.) Let us grow together!
  • become a full-time employee: After completing the program, you will get a certificate and a letter of recommendation, and you will have the opportunity to work in other local or overseas institutions
  • flexible working arrangements: WFH Flexible working arrangement, enjoy Work-Life Balance life

- - -

Position 2: Sense Connect Asia Art Administration Trainee

Passionate about arts administration? Like cross-regional cultural exchanges? Want to go to Japan to watch an art festival? Participate in the trainee program jointly organized by Sense Connect and Yiyou!

In this traineeship program, experienced art administrators from Hong Kong and Japan act as instructors to explain in depth the planning and execution of cross-regional art activities, covering art fairs, large-scale art festivals, art promotion, exhibition design and other fields. Trainees will have the opportunity to participate in various large-scale activities, and also have the opportunity to participate in the Japanese cultural experience group in person. Opportunities are rare, register as soon as possible!


Participating projects include but are not limited to:

  • Art Central 2023 Hong Kong Café (March)
  • Japanese Design Exhibition hosted by PMQ (May)
  • Sustainable Design Exhibition hosted by the Dutch Consulate (June)
  • Organized by Japan Seto Inland Sea Exchange Mission (April-June)
  • Hong Kong Saigon Maritime Art Festival promotion work (April-June)

- - - 

Position 3: Hong Kong Free Tours Project Officer (Internship)

Participation conditions:

1.     Excellent Chinese/English writing and communication skills

2.     outgoing personality, good at communicating with people

3.     loves Hong Kong and is willing to share local culture with Hong Kong people and foreign tourists

4.     Familiar with digital design software (Adobe PS / AI / Canva)

5.     Experience in managing online social platforms

6.     fresh graduates are preferred



  • Opportunity to become our full-time colleagues!
  • Train you to be a tour guide, let you personally introduce Hong Kong to others! ​

Work content:

  • work three days a week
  • Graphic Design & Management Social Platforms
  • Write & manage website articles
  • Assist the tour guide with the group (free Join group)
  • play with dog colleagues


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