Application Fee


The Application Fee of workcamps is determined based on the workcamp duration and country. Details of the Application Fee are listed as below:

  Application Fee (HK$)
Workcamp Duration Zone 1 Zone 2
1 month Less 2,350 3,350
1 month More 3,350 4,350

Zone 1:
Africa , South America, Asia (except Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Macau), Middle East & Central Asia and Caucasus
Zone 2:
Europe, North America, Latin America, Oceania, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Macau

To know which countries and workcamp organizations belong to Zone 1 or 2, please refer to our latest Workcamp Organization List.

To start the application, you have to pay for the Application Fee of the highest amount among your workcamp choices. If you are eventually placed to a choice with a lower Application Fee, we will contact you to refund the payment difference. For example, if the Application Fees for your 1st and 2nd choices are HK$2,350 and HK$3,350 respectively, you should deposit HK$3,350.

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