Mid Autumn Festival celebration – Fire Dragon Dance in Ping Che (10-14/9)


Fire Dragon Dance is a traditional culture and a celebration of the Mid Autumn Festival in Hong Kong. The history of Fire Dragon Dance could be traced back from the 18th century, with the villagers began to perform a dragon dance to stop a run of bad luck afflicting their village. Since then, this tradition has been carried on every year during the Mid Autumn Festival. This tradition is even brought to Ping Che, and now we all get a chance to participate in the preparation work of the Fire Dragon Dance in Ping Che!


During the Mid Autumn Festival in September, you and other overseas volunteers could spend your holiday in Ping Che as indigenous villagers. ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do.’ Upon your visit, you could experience the most authentic living of a villager. You would get to prepare for the once-a-year mid-Autumn Fire Dragon Dance, and having a taste of crafting the dragon with other volunteers. Moreover, you could explore the villagers’ daily agricultural activities and even take part in it! It would definitely be a worthwhile experience which you could have a cultural exchange with locals and villagers, through communication and sharing thoughts with each other.

Workcamp Details

Workcamp Code: HKVT19-02
Location: Ping Che Mural Village
Period: 10/9/2019 – 14/9/2019 (Tue-Sat)
Meeting Point: 10/9 2pm @ Fanling MTR station (Exit C)
Age: 18 or above
Fee: HKD1200


“Ta Kwu Ling / Ping Che Alliance” is an alliance founded in 2012 by a group of Ping Che villagers voluntarily. It dedicates to let the general public know more about the lifestyle and culture in Ta Kwu Ling as well as Ping Che.
Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/pingchehomeland

Voluntary Work

– Prepare for mid-Autumn Festival Fire Dragon Dance
– Farming activities
– Renovating the mural village

^Actual tasks during the workcamp may vary according to the needs of the community and the weather condition

Cultural Exchange Activity

– Exchange party
– Mural Village tour

Accommodation & Meal

– Volunteers will live in a small house
– Basic and simple living condition
– Volunteers need to bring along with their sleeping bag and mat
– Volunteers need to carry out cooking by turns, ingredients will be provided by VolTra


Application Covenant
Please check the covenant here

Details for meeting and dismissal
Meeting Time: 10/9 2pm
Meeting Venue: Fanling MTR station Exit C
Dismissal Time: 14/9 12nn
Dismissal Venue: Ping Che Mural Village

Application procedures
– Click into “Apply Here” to begin your application
– Please use PayPal/ Credit cards to proceed your application payment and then screenshot your transaction number
– Please fill in the application form with your English Name (same name as listed on your credit card) and the transaction number. Once you are done, you would receive confirmation email from us.
– If you could not attend the above activity due to personal affair, please let us know via email ([email protected]).
**If you encounter any difficulties after your payment, please screenshot it and email us as soon as possible.
**You are encouraged to use PayPal to proceed your payment as we would confirm the payments in PayPal.

Additional remarks
– Successful applicants would receive our confirmation email.
– Please do some preparations to prevent mosquito bites.
– Please respect the dogs and cats in the village.
– Participants would receive detail information two weeks before the activity starts.


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