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Want your students to understand the "Sustainable Development Goals" of environmental protection, put them into action, use creativity to transform daily "food waste" into "treasures", and even change their living habits to reduce waste from the source? Hurry up and gather a group of students who are full of creativity, enthusiasm for the environment and action, through innovative training experience and interesting task challenges, together to make positive changes for the food waste problem and environmental protection!

Seats are limited, please recommend students to become environmental leaders!
In this program, your students can:
Experience a variety of innovative upcycling methods,Use food waste to make unexpected and useful products, including: food waste jewelry, enzyme cleaner and compost bin, turn waste into treasure
Run out of the classroom, use the brand-new mobile learning program, and challenge tasks with your classmates, use photos and texts to share results, and learn from and improve each other
Challenging fun and interesting tasks to push yourself to make behavioral changes,In addition to understanding the food waste problem from different angles, and recording the footprint of each change
Students who have completed the entire program and performed outstandingly,Can get "Waste Out Leader" certification certificate, and Ways Out online store redemption voucher
if you:
  • There is a group of creative students who are full of enthusiasm and action for the environment
    (For Form 3 to Form 5 students only)

  • To help students understand environmental sustainability and food waste issues, and take actions towards this goal

  • The affiliated school supports environmental protection education, and has implemented and developed different plans to create a green campus

Summon your enthusiastic students immediately,
Sign up for the Waste Out Leadership Program!
Students who have completed the entire program and performed outstandingly will have the opportunity...
get"Waste Out Leader" certificate, enrich personal learning experience
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Become a Ways Out volunteer and assist in various activities,Promote environmental education
getWays Out $250 Online Store Voucher, to reward the fruits of one's own efforts

planning period: March to August 2023; the first and second training sessions must be separated by one week

Date and time: After being selected, someone will contact you to confirm the time

Length: 2.5 hours

Form: physical activity

Content: Introduction to the "Waste Out" Leaders Program, awareness of food waste issues, understanding of WaysOut's work in environmental education, food waste jewelry upcycling (Part 1), production of food waste compost bins, introduction and operation of the Task Challenge

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Date and Time: Any time between the first and second training sessions

Form: Anywhere (to complete the task in the designated mobile phone learning program)
Time required: about 2.5-3 hours
Task content: Announced in the first session of training

Date and time: After being selected, someone will contact you to confirm the time

Length: 2.5 hours

Form: physical activity

Content: Warm-up session, production of peel enzyme cleaner, kitchen waste jewelry upcycling (Part 2), leader training and mission challenge results feedback and reflection


Program Terms and Conditions

  1. Applicants must confirm that the participants are enrolled in local secondary schools in order to participate in this program.

  2. Applicants and participants must fill in the information truthfully. If false personal information is reported, Ways Out reserves the right to cancel their participation and award qualifications.

  3. If the participant is under the age of 18, the consent of the parent or guardian is required to participate in this program.

  4. Applicants will be contacted by a special person to confirm whether they are selected. If you have not received a notification, you can check whatsapp +852 6371 9951 during office hours.

  5. When participating in physical activities, participants must abide by the latest epidemic prevention measures and social distance restrictions announced by the government to protect the health of themselves and others, otherwise Ways Out has the right to cancel their participation and award qualifications.

  6. Applicants must ensure that at least 20 participants can complete the entire program.

  7. If you sign up for this program, you agree that Ways Out will use the personal information (including but not limited to your/participant's name, phone number, email, address, affiliation) submitted by you and participants through different forms (including electronic forms). Institutions/companies/schools, etc.), as Ways Out to communicate with you/participants in the future and provide Ways Out information, process registrations, issue receipts, research/statistics, fundraising, opinion gathering, event invitations, promotions, direct marketing, and Any project related to Ways Out. You also agree that Ways Out will transfer your information to a third-party organization that provides services for this event.

  8. The personal data collected in the registration form will be used for program administrative purposes. The names, dates of birth and email addresses of applicants and participants will be kept for three years after the program ends, and other personal data will be destroyed within three months of the program’s completion .

  9. Ways Out will take photos and videos during the event for the purpose of recording and promoting Ways Out events in the future. If you don't want to be on camera, the contestants need to ask the staff on their own.

  10. All participants and parents/guardians of participants under the age of 18 must ensure that they have read and complied with all the terms and conditions of the event, otherwise the eligibility to participate in the program will be cancelled.

  11. Ways Out reserves the right to change the terms and conditions or/and program content, and any changes will take effect immediately without prior notice. In case of any dispute over the terms and conditions or/and program content, Ways Out reserves the right of final interpretation and decision.



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