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Goodmates App 

Build friendships from interactive quests,
Connecting the world in innovative ways


Goodmates App is a social media developed by Yiyou, which is currently used by more than 5,000 users from different countries! Through different types of tasks, you can meet volunteers from different countries/backgrounds in the process of exploring culture and knowledge fields, and build friendships in the process of learning and experiencing together!

Meet volunteer travelers full of stories,Meet like-minded friends/team members
Selected voluntary travel tasks, through exciting interactive sharing,explore different cultures
Earn volunteer miles and redeem them easilyPlaces for local tour groups, discounts for volunteer work camps, and even being selected for flagship projects or internshipsopportunity
experience task communication systemPowerful social and scoring functions, broaden horizons and life circle
After downloading, you can choose the "Micro-Volunteer Program" to be the first to try out the interactive functions in the app, and earn points to exchange for prizes!
Micro Volunteer Program
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Every little thing can be great✨

Come and become a micro-volunteer together! You can participate in various small challenges on sustainable development with your mobile phone, earn Miles, redeem rich prizes, and transform into a "high-quality global citizen" at the same time!

No age background, all members of the public can participate
Rich prizes are waiting for you to redeem
Earn miles through different interactive challenges. After accumulating the designated miles, you will have the opportunity to redeem the following rich prizes*:
Volunteer work camp discount
Choose the workcamp you want to participate in
Hong Kong in-depth tour
Participate in an in-depth tour of Hong Kong with different unique themes
Ways Out Mini Kitchen Scraps
Jewelry DIY handmade bag
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