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HHSBC Hong Kong Community Partnership Programme 

SMART Community Hackathon

Introduction of the Projects




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現時, 本港視障人士總的人數共有 199,600位,佔總人口 2.7 %。現時的無障礙設施無法準確的引導視障人士去往他們想去目的地,在沒有專人帶領的時候,視障人士在遇到分叉路時只能透過詢問路人來確認方向,這樣對一些獨居的視障人士造成困擾。其次,如果前線人員不太掌握引領視障人士的領路技巧,以錯誤的方法如推、拉視障病人方式帶路,容易對視障人士構成危險。


Introduction Video:

Competition background

This Hackathon is a part of the HSBC Hong Kong Community Partnership Programme. This year, the Hackathon aims to encourage local secondary school students to support innovative district-based community initiatives, helping disadvantaged communities build resilience and become future-ready.


The programme also promotes green thinking and sustainable practices while fostering community growth, enhancing social inclusion, and building a sustainable and resource-efficient future. Additionally, Gerontech and cross-generational inclusion initiatives are welcome.

(Details of the "HSBC Hong Kong Community Partnership Programme: Press Here)

Join us to co-create a better society!

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If you have any other questions about the programme, feel free to contact us via / 2683 5900 (Ms. Ho).

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