Hydroponics for Kids @ Taiwan


A new perspective to know farming and yourself! Since 2017, the Taiwan hydroponic programme has come back! Within these 4 days, you can experience a different attitude to life full of human kindness in Houli District of Taichung by interacting with the local chaps.

Volunteers can not only learn hydroponic farming and other farming knowledge, but also participate in the promotion of food safety education, after-school tutorials for the underprivileged kids and dinner care. The devotion of volunteers also grants the kids the chance to meet and exchange with youths from different countries and open their window of life and their international vision.

Come join Hydrovege, a Taiwan social enterprise, to bring changes to the kids in Houli!

Name of workcamp: Taiwan 4-day experience of Hydroponics
Location: Houli District, Taichung City, Taiwan
Meeting point and time: To be confirmed 3 weeks before the workcamp
Dismissal time: Free dismissal after lunch on the last day of the workcamp
About Hydrovege: https://www.facebook.com/hydrovege.tw

1. Traditional agriculture work such as planting, weeding, harvesting, watering and etc.
2. Hydroponic agriculture area maintenance such as planting and harvesting and etc.
3. Carpentry Workshop, DIY Key chain for yourself.
4. Constructing new devices in farm.
5. Eco enzyme composting
6. After school, cultural and educational activity for children
**Every team will have different types of voluntary works based on local/season status.

Leisure Activities:
1. Excursion, culture exchange events with local people, etc.
2. Lien Cheng Saxophone Museum and Yuemei Tourism Sugar Factory
3. Volunteers should cover all the expenses by themselves of their free time/free day.
The actual work and activities may subject to change depending on the actual conditions and weather

Mattress, pillow and quilt will be provided. Air-conditioning in Summer Nights.

Number of participants: 10/ camp
Age: 18 or above

– Basic English speaking skills or Mandarin
– Interested in farming
– Love simple lifestyle
– Willing to be challenged and to accept new culture and mindsets

Codes, Dates and application:


2019 – Jan to Mar:
IHV066 ( 2019/1/24-27)  
IHV067 ( 2019/1/30-2/2) 
IHV068 ( 2019/2/14-17)  
IHV069 ( 2019/3/7-10)    
IHV070 ( 2019/3/21-24)  

IHV064 ( 2019/1/3-6)      【FULL】

IHV065  ( 2019/1/17-20) 【FULL】

2018 – Aug to Sep:
IHV055 ( 2018/8/2-5 )       【FULL】

IHV056 ( 2018/8/30-9/2 ) 【FULL】

IHV057 ( 2018/9/6-9 )        【FULL】
IHV058 ( 2018/9/27-30 )   【FULL】

2018 – Oct to Dec:
IHV063 ( 2018/12/6-9)       【FULL】
IHV059( 2018/10/11-14)     【FULL】
IHV062( 2018/11/22-25)    【FULL】
IHV060( 2018/10/25-28)   【FULL】
IHV061( 2018/11/15-18)     【FULL】

Application Process and terms

Other details will be provided 3 weeks before departure. Applicants will receive results by email within 14 days of application.
Participants will be responsible for their air tickets, insurance, local transportation and personal expenses.


Source of image:Hydrovege

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