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By participating in Impact Maker Community Action, you can...

Complete challenges and learn about various community and global issues.

Take action to promote sustainable development goals.

Create impact and receive rewarding benefits.

To encourage everyone to develop the habit of continuous community improvement,

the more tasks you complete (tasks can be submitted multiple times),

the more opportunities you have to redeem rewards,

and acknowledge your efforts!

Current Prizes

(Redeemable until July 23rd)

1. USD25 Amazon eGift Card

2. USD25 Starbucks eGift Card

Remember to keep a record of completed tasks for reward redemption!

After completion, please click here to redeem your rewards and continue completing tasks.

Develop the habit of changing your community and increase your opportunities for redemption to reward your efforts!

Remember to keep a record of completed tasks to facilitate reward redemption!

​ Fill in your email address to keep up with the latest news

Thank you for your participation! We will email you with the latest news as soon as possible!

Goodmates App

From interactive quests to innovativeways to connect the world



Act now: After downloading and logging in, you can enter the "Micro Volunteer Program" on the "Search" page, and complete different tasks to earn volunteer miles!

Goodmates App is a social media developed by Yiyou, which is currently used by more than 5,000 users from different countries! Through different types of tasks, you can meet volunteers from different countries/backgrounds in the process of exploring culture and knowledge fields, and build friendships in the process of learning and experiencing together!
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