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During this journey, you can...

Have a novel and interesting micro-volunteering experience

Integrate volunteering into life

Do good things anytime, anywhere, as you like


Download the Goodmates App now to participate in the ⌈Micro Volunteer Program⌋, and earn points for doing good deeds in exchange for gifts

Small actions for big impact, bringing unexpected changes to the community



Goodmates App

From interactive quests to innovativeways to connect the world



Act now: After downloading and logging in, you can enter the "Micro Volunteer Program" on the "Search" page, and complete different tasks to earn volunteer miles!

Goodmates App is a social media developed by Yiyou, which is currently used by more than 5,000 users from different countries! Through different types of tasks, you can meet volunteers from different countries/backgrounds in the process of exploring culture and knowledge fields, and build friendships in the process of learning and experiencing together!
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