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Volunteer Milestones
Founded in 2009, Volunteer Travel is registered as a charity, aiming to encourage everyone to actively participate in global and local actions.
By planning a variety of local and overseas volunteer projects, we broaden the global and local vision of the participants and inspire them to turn their ideas into actions.

April: Volunteer Tour was established by a group of Hong Kong youths who are passionate about international volunteer services
June: Arranged the first Hong Kong volunteer to participate in the Mongolian work camp


Co-organized with Fresh Fish School

The first Hong Kong International Work Camp

Participants led students to Christmas visits to nursing homes, and assisted in the renovation and revitalization of school premises.

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January: Became a member of the Asian Volunteering Development Association (NVDA)
May: The first overseas group work camp was held in Vietnam
December: BecomeCoordinating Council for International Volunteerism (CCIVS)member

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【Peng Chau International Work Camp】

The work camp themed around Peng Chau Township (Tin Hau’s Tour) led volunteers to experience Tin Hau’s grand tour in person, so as to experience the traditional Chinese celebrations in Hong Kong, and foreign volunteers also contributed to the preservation of this traditional festival.


【Puwo International Work Camp】

Participants from various countries and local teenagers sold their homemade handmade and nostalgic delicacies at the Lunar New Year Fair stalls, celebrating the Lunar New Year together, sharing Hong Kong culture, and at the same time participating in the conservation and renovation of the "Po Wo" club site, which is listed as a historical building.

November: Became a partner of the EU Alliance of Voluntary Service Organizations (Alliance)


February: Hired the first salaried employee after nearly three years of operation by all volunteers on a voluntary basis
June: Registered as a charitable organization in Hong Kong according to Article 88 of the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Ordinance


 Long Valley Rice Harvesting International Work Camp

The volunteer tour cooperated with the Changchun Society, and a group of volunteers walked from the city to the rice fields in the Long Valley to learn about ecological farming together, and even more hands-on experience for the last rice harvesting, threshing and drying of rice in 2013 Farmer's work.


Sai Kung Vinh Long Rice Terraces International Work Camp

Gather with participants from different countries and places in the beautiful scenery of Yonglong Ecological Park, where the mountains and the sea are at the back, to practice terraced fields, build "ladders" and pools, learn about the concept of organic farming, and get to know the cultural backgrounds of participants from various countries!


Lamma Island Fisherman Culture International Work Camp

Lamma Island Fisherman Cultural Village was built on a fishing raft with an area of about 2,000 square meters in the fish farming area of Sok Kwu Wan on Lamma Island. Volunteer Travel and Lamma Island Fisherman Cultural Village jointly organize an international work camp and WeChat. Volunteer tours to promote fishermen's culture. Volunteers assist in the restoration of fishing raft facilities and repair of volunteer dormitories to cope with the development of future international work camps.


Ma On Shan Iron Mine Work Camp

Volunteer Tour and the Social Service Department of the Lutheran Church of Hong Kong jointly organized a weekend work camp, leading volunteers to the quiet and quiet Ma On Shan Village to witness the rise and fall of the Ma On Shan mining village. Volunteers helped to repair and beautify the facilities of the Lutheran Church's Enqing camp, and learned about the unique history of the Ma On Shan mining village in the past.


follow the contradiction to travel

Through volunteer travel, we arranged overseas volunteer services for some of the guests of the newly established TV station ViuTV's travel program "Traveling with Contradictions", in order to show the character and values of the characters and bring out endless discussions.

Volunteer services arranged by Volunteer Tours include:

Former Legislative Council Chairman Jasper Jasper and former Legislative Council Member Leung Kwok-hung (visited low-class families in Poland at the end of 2015 and distributed Christmas gifts), "Starfish Teacher" Ye Songsheng and tutoring queen Chen Rumin (taught English to underprivileged children in Vietnam)


Yishi Group - International Volunteer Ambassador

Volunteer Travel and Youth Square jointly plan the "Yi Shi Group - International Volunteer Ambassador Program", through different workshops and overseas volunteer work opportunities, to enable young people to practice the concept of world citizenship. After the training, the participants submitted their social innovation plans, and were finally selected as "International Volunteer Ambassadors" to receive free overseas volunteer travel opportunities.


Salsa is beautiful life righteous land climbing green challenge

Volunteer Tours believes that environmental protection is an effective way to build a better society. In early 2016, we and Sa Sa Beautiful Life Charity Foundation co-organized the environmental protection idea competition for the first time - "Green Land Challenge", hoping to inspire and cultivate community innovators through the competition.

"Ideas·Cambodia" Design Thinking Learning Camp in Cambodia

Volunteer Travel believes that to improve overseas communities, volunteers from different sectors need to inject innovative thinking and discuss social issues with local people.


In the summer of 2016, we held the first design thinking learning camp in Cambodia. By integrating into the lives of local people, volunteers use people-centered design thinking to observe different aspects of the community and propose sustainable development operation models for the community.


Through different community tasks, participants can gain a deep understanding of the local community and its social issues, and then design innovativesocial projects,to cultivateCuriosity, empathy, local awareness andcreativity.


seek the same. Chuanyi@Estonia—Social Innovation 2.0 Exploration Journey

In 2016, Volunteer successfully applied for a grant from the Civic Education Committee's "Belt and Road" Exchange Funding Program to plan a 10-day trip to Estonia. The ten-day trip, in addition to understanding the local agricultural ecology and culture, we arranged a number of community exchange activities, including meetings with local government officials, visits to innovation and technology companies, post-secondary colleges, etc., to help participants understand the local social innovation culture, Bring the experience back to Hong Kong.


The first Jockey Club special "righteousness" civic training program

Thanks to the donation from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, Volunteering launched the Jockey Club Special "Righteousness" Citizenship Training Program in September 2016. Through a series of local community missions, workshops and local and foreign work camps, the youth participants are instilled in the world Citizenship.


Fanling Ping Che International Work Camp

Volunteer Tour has co-organized international work camps and "Micro Volunteer Tour" activities with "Ta Kwu Ling/Ping Che Homeland Defense Alliance" for several consecutive years, allowing local and overseas participants to explore this Hakka village in the northeast of the New Territories, learn about traditional culture and Understand the development issues in Northeast China, reflect on the relationship between people and land, and help revitalize local communities.

Wheel Power Challenge

In the past, after volunteers participated in a work camp for the inclusion of the disabled in Switzerland, their perceptions of the disabled changed. After returning to Hong Kong, he brought his expertise in physical therapy to the community, opened the Wheel Power Challenge organization, and held activities for the integration of the disabled and the disabled.

Volunteer Travel has cooperated with Wheel Power Challenge to hold wheelchair experience activities in various districts of Hong Kong. Participants help to collect "barrier-free" routes and facilities, and then upload them to the online map, so that wheelchair users can live in an equal and "barrier-free" life "Society.


"Four "Dimensions" Travel Bazaar"

We held a two-day market at the same time in the "Youth Empowerment, Leading Cross-Regional Influence" international conference venue, bringing together "righteous" local snacks, handicrafts and stories from many countries, and exhibited a number of things inspired by volunteer travel The community projects of the Jockey Club Special Citizens Training Program and the "VolTra Go" experience game allow participants to travel in different cultures in one stop.

"Youth Empowerment, Leading Cross-Regional Influence" International Conference

On February 2, 2018, Volunteer Tours held the "Youth Empowerment, Leading Cross-Regional Influence" International Conference at the Kowloon Tong Innovation Center, hoping to promote cross-sector cooperation and discussions, and to promote the concept of world citizenship.

Participants learned about Cambodian villages from the perspective of local people, went deep into Cambodian cold villages to learn how to rebuild houses with traditional architectural methods, and also walked into Cambodian homes to talk with villagers and establish empathy. They even took Cambodian children to visit UNESCO The recognized world heritage of Angkor Wat, visiting the city's scenic spots and characteristic markets, visiting social enterprises and experiencing activities add multiple meanings to this trip.

In 2018, we held a design thinking learning camp in Kenya. By integrating into the lives of local people, volunteers used people-oriented design thinking to observe different aspects of the community, and proposed a sustainable development operation model for the community, and rooted in the bottom-up The local service team will work together to formulate the future development direction.

Cathay Pacific's "Building the World with One Mind" Program

Under the association of Cathay Pacific Airways and Hong Kong social venture capital fund SVhk, Yiyou and Taiwan social enterprise ELIV planned the unique experience of "building the world with the same reason" for the first time, a Youtube travel expert and a novice traveling by plane for the first time , students from Christian Zhengsheng College, young people from ethnic minorities who were born and raised in Hong Kong, etc. jumped out of the comfort zone and went to Shupuzhai to experience an extraordinary journey.

The meeting kicked off with a welcome speech by Mr. Tang Weirong, the founder and executive director of Volunteer Tours. Mr. Jasper Jasper, the former President of the Legislative Council, delivered a keynote speech and presented the "Volunteer Tours World Citizen Award" in recognition of the three winners' contribution to local and overseas communities outstanding contribution.

After the awards ceremony, a number of business leaders had a lively discussion on the topic of "Inspiring Young Leaders, Imagine 2030", sharing the importance of cultural intelligence in the global economy. The conference gathered 150 guests from more than 20 countries, including Hong Kong and overseas youth leaders, volunteers, representatives of many well-known companies and non-profit organizations, and leaders from all walks of life.


Kenya Design Thinking Camp

Volunteer Tours believes that to improve overseas communities, it not only requires the continuous efforts of overseas partner organizations, but also requires volunteers from different sectors and backgrounds to inject innovative thinking and work with local people to solve social problems.


KKday cooperation project: Trees are not single

It is the first time for Volunteer Tour to cooperate with KKday, and a group of KOLs from Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, and the Philippines, together with Plant for Water, went to the CYA Learning Center in Cambodia to plant hope for children.


In addition to planting Moringa (Moringa Tree) and using Moringa to make soap, we also held a party with local villagers to celebrate the Cambodian New Year Khmer New Year), and played local New Year traditional games together!

Travel for Good

"Travel For Good" is an action co-founded by Taiwan's social enterprise-Eli International Service (ELIV) and Volunteer Travel under the Hong Kong Social Venture Capital Fund (SVhk). It is hoped that through unique and innovative interactive sessions, the emphasis will be on in-depth travel, to explore the real life of the local area during the journey, and to complete a task of improving the community together with the locals.

In addition to personal guidance from celebrities in the start-up and business circles, the participating teams also received start-up seed funds to turn their ideas into practical actions. They also had the opportunity to visit different countries and participate in diverse volunteer activities.

Special Citizen Action Day

In the summer vacation of 2019, the "Te Yi Citizen Action" of the volunteer tour held a grand opening ceremony in Lok Fu Plaza. In addition to the master of ceremonies Jerry. In addition to Kary, the representative of "Our Exclusive Village", and Stephany, the representative of the social innovation project "Shenzhen Tuition School", hundreds of special citizen participants were present to witness together. They took the lead in going to various districts in Kowloon to experience the challenges of community exploration tasks!

"Travel For Good" aims to be a change in the way of travel, while giving participants an opportunity to meet another way of life. Among the projects include the cultural restoration of the "Dalumak Tribe" in Taitung, the "Take Parents to Volunteer Tour" Cambodia project, and visits to Cambodian social enterprise handicrafts and restaurants.

Jockey Club Special Civic Action-Social Innovation Incubation Program

Continuing the success of the past two years, Volunteer Tour received another donation from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust to launch the three-year "Jockey Club Special Civic Action-Social Innovation Cultivation Program". Through a series of training, mentor matching and start-up funds, the Young people's ideas and experiences are turned into actions, making the project come true.


For example, in the early days of the epidemic, we launched a series of live broadcast programs such as "Glocal A'live" and "Glocal Ahead" on Facebook. Keep in touch with volunteers from all over the world while maintaining social distance.


our change

Affected by the epidemic, different levels of travel restrictions have been implemented in various places, all international work camps have been cancelled, and the number of registrations and participants in the work camp has dropped to zero. The team had to redesign the event in a hybrid format and experiment with different online platforms and partnership programs.

turn crisis into opportunity

In 2020, our team organized more than 80 different types of new format activities, and received more than 60 times the number of participants (from 115 to 6,662) compared to before the epidemic. We have also established new cooperation with Chen Tinghua Foundation, Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust and HSBC Hong Kong Community Partnership Program to make our influence even greater.

Since the revamp in mid-2020, Yiyou's Instagram followers have increased by more than 300% in 6 months (from 6,000 to 25,000+), which is the best social media in the industry, and we are proud of it proud.

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"Volunteer School" is an organization integrating education and action. Through online and offline Hybrid Format and experiential learning (Action Learning), it inspires young people to become future workers, such as Digital Nomad (Digital Nomad) ), equip them with the skills of the future, and illuminate our society with impactful action.  

VolTra Academy

The epidemic lasted for the second year, and international travel was suspended, which meant that Volunteer Travel could not provide traditional volunteer travel and international work camps (Workcamp) to meet the needs of members. It is precisely this test that prompted us to develop "Volunteer School" and reshape the brand, making Volunteer a pioneer in educational technology (EdTech).  

Jockey Club Special Civic Action – International Chapter

The global situation has greatly restricted many opportunities for overseas study experience and international exchange. We must change the way we communicate with the world in order to continue to broaden our horizons. This event combines innovative technology platforms, allowing participants to plan social innovation projects with young people from all over the world at home, and discover their special "meaningful" functions.

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-09 at 3.42.14 PM.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2023-04-09 at 3.41.38 PM.jpeg

Participants can connect with people from all over the world, including Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, TurkeyAmong them, special citizens, together carry out time-limited tasks and practice social innovation projects.


Inheriting the experience in different projects in the past few years, Yiyou has added many social elements and management functions to the App, so that different institutional partners can use this platform to promote ideas.

Goodmates App Social and Learning System

Goodmates App is a social media developed by Yiyou. As of the end of 2022, more than 5,000 users from different countries are using it! Through different tasks, participants can meet volunteers from different countries/backgrounds in the process of exploring culture and knowledge, and build friendships in the process of learning and experiencing together!  

HSBC Hong Kong Community Partnership Program

Thanks to the support of the HSBC Hong Kong Community Partnership Programme, Volunteer has cooperated with the Federation of Social Services and this program to complete various youth projects in the past few years, including: "Play" to lead the future action, Impact Leader training program, and "Community Innovation and Technology Hackathon ".


The program is determined to equip young people to understand the needs of the community, participate in future skills training, conceive projects to respond to community needs, and assist vulnerable groups in rebuilding and recovering from the epidemic!


​ New experience of international work camp

In addition to the slowing down of the epidemic situation in various countries, international work camps in different regions are gradually resuming operations! The pandemic has changed the way people travel, interact and learn, and these changes will continue to shape our world post-pandemic. To this end, we are determined to improve our digital platform and other new channels, such as cooperating with the Discord platform and Goodmates mission system, to create the most innovative and unique work camp experience for volunteers.

Do Good Xiaoyi implements "micro-volunteering" action

Cities are beautiful not because a few people do great things, but because many people continue to do small good things together. Volunteering will cooperate with the Hong Kong Jockey Club in 2023 to launch a brand new micro-volunteer platform "Do Good Small Charity", hoping to encourage more people to participate in different small actions in their daily lives and create positive influence for the community.

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