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Apart from the classic movie “Casablanca”, Morocco is also well-known for its “whiskey”! That said, Moroccan “whiskey” does not stand for real liqour but a type of mint tea unique in this Arabic country. The locals usually use a silver Berrad to contain the tea, which could keep the warmness and decent scent of tea while serving it. 

This summer, not only are we going to explore the Moroccan community, but also support the local students by renovating their houses and assisting their gardening work. Let’s probe into this mystic country from another way and perspective!

Morocco Workcamp Overview

Code Date Workcamp Name / Location Age Limit Camp Fee Detail
CJM01 18/7-1/8 Ouezzane 18-35 EUR 45 FULL
CJM02 18/7-1/8 Zaouiat Cheikh 1 18-35 EUR 45 FULL
CJM03 18/7-1/8 Oujda 18-35 EUR 45 FULL
CJM04 25/7-8/8 Ouezzane Zoumi 18-35 EUR 45 FULL
CJM05 1-15/8 Zaouiat Cheikh 2 18-35 EUR 45 FULL
CJM06 1-15/8 Ouaouizarth/Beni Mellal 18-35 EUR 45 FULL
CJM07 1-15/8 Meknès 18-35 EUR 45 FULL

Photo Credit:

Unplash, Volunteer Jojo and Chantiers Jeunesse Maroc

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