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VolTra together with other international workcamp organizations all over the world provide over 3,000 international workcamps and voluntary service projects every year in more than 100 countries.

To facilitate your workcamp searching, we have launched VolTra’s Workcamp Search Engine, where you can interactively search for workcamps by country, date and project type.


International workcamps can be divided into short term voluntary projects (STV) and long/middle term voluntary projects (LMTV). STV projects are international workcamps for less than 2 months, while LMTV projects are those lasting 2 months or more. The most common international workcamp lasts for two weeks with a group of 10-20 overseas and local workcamp participants.


Type Of Work

Different workcamp organizations offer different types of work. The work categories and themes include environment, agriculture, culture, construction, social work, education, rural development, archaeology, art, festival and peace, etc. The following 7 areas of work type are some of the examples:

Environment [ENVI]

Cleaning rivers, planting trees, protecting animals and creating eco-village

Agriculture [AGRI]

Picking organic fruits, reviving uncultivated fields, weeding in orphanage farms and constructing fish ponds

Culture [CULT]

Organizing festivals, archaeology, renovating castles and temples

Construction [CONS]

Building infrastructure such as schools, clinics, toilets and canals, reconstructing shelters and converting farms into youth centres

Social Work [SOCI]

Disadvantaged children, refugees and other minorities, mentally/physically challenged and elders

Education [EDU]

HIV educational play in schools, teaching English and computer and anti-drug education on streets


Making proposals of town planning, recycling bicycles, making & translating war records and organizing campaign for peace

Project information is provided by VolTra’s partner organizations. Vacancy information in search result will be updated from time to time, therefore it can be taken as reference only.


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