Co-organize HK Workcamp

Through organizing workcamp and cooperating with local organizations, VolTra aims to promote International Volunteering service in Hong Kong.

VolTra strongly believes in the chemistry between international and local forces in creating a significant impact on promoting the idea of Global Citizenship in Hong Kong, and raising social awareness of Global Responsibility.

We welcome various cooperating projects, ranging from environmental protection, agricultural renovation, to art and culture and youth exchange. We would be happy to explore and develop together with social organizations any possibilities in cultivating the idea of International Volunteering in society and assist social development.

Types of Hong Kong Workcamp:

-Short Term Workcamp (around 2 Weeks)

-Middle/ Long Term Workcamp (2 Months – 1 Year)

-Weekend Workcamp (1-3 Days)

Expected Result

Assisting Local Development 

Eg. Some agricultural activities could not be done by mechanical tools, thus require a lot of manpower. With volunteers assisting farmers in harvesting and threshing, the harvesting process could be speeded up.

Raising Awareness on Ignored Social Issues

Eg. Entering villages and remote areas and having cultural exchange with villagers, city-dwellers would have a chance to earn first-hand understanding about issues on development on environmental protection in Hong Kong

Cultural Exchange with International Volunteers

Eg. Through working with people from all around the world, participants would have a chance to engage in cultural exchange with other volunteers. By knowing stories from other places, participants could have a stronger reflection upon their living in Hong Kong.

To know more about VolTra’s previous projects with other local organizations.

For any inquiry about cooperation or specific workcamp, please contact us all all times ([email protected]) for further arrangement.



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