How to Cooperate?

VolTra is looking for every opportunity to work with local organizations in promoting volunteer service.

Target Organization

-School or Educational organizations

-Environmental, Agricultural, Art or Youth groups

-Local-District-oriented or groups

Other than co-organizing local workcamp, possibles corporations could be public talk, exhibition or any activities that are related to international volunteering

Co-organizing International Workcamp (2 Weeks to 1 Year)


Workcamps are mainly organized in Dec – Feb, July – Sep. Based on our experience, it would be easier to recruit local and international volunteers during these periods.

However, workcamps are not limited only to these periods, we welcome any further discussion about co-organizing workcamp. 

Target Volunteer:

Ranging from 5 – 20 people, hosting organization could arrange the limit of volunteer in accordance to their preference and resources.

Generally, International Volunteers are limited. It is advised to have local volunteers as workcamp leader and at least 2 local volunteers in a workcamp.


Under normal situation, only local HK volunteers are required to pay the local workcamp fee. International volunteers are exempted from the workcamp fee. (For details, please refer to How do International Workcamp Work)

Regarding the financial issues of workcamp, VolTra will have further discussion with co-operating partners.

For further information and inquiry, please contact us freely. ([email protected])


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