[FULL] Experience Mural Painting and Farming in Ping Che


Do you know Hong Kong has our own mural village? Come and work hand in hand with volunteers all around Asia, together we can adorn Ping Che – a ready-to-be-developed village with love and colour. 

Apart from adding colour to the village, the friendly villagers also allow our volunteers to engage in their daily lives. You could assist the agricultural rehabilitation project in their common area which could let you have a taste of local hospitality, not to mention experiencing the genuine meaning of rural-urban symbioses. 


Workcamp Code: VTMW18-01

Name: “Paint and Farm” Experiential Camp in Ping Che

Types: Social / Environment / Agriculture 

Date: 30 March 2018 – 2 April 2018 

Meeting Time: 30 March 2018 2p.m.

Dismissal Time: 2 April 2018 12nn.

Location: Ping Che

Quota: 8

Target: 18 or above, interested in farming and art


  1. assist the villagers in beatifying and renewing the village
  2. Farm with villagers and volunteers cooperatively 

(There might be changes of work according to weather and local conditions.)

Experiential Activity

  1. Hold cultural party with Asian volunteers
  2. Follow local guides to understand lives of villagers 

Accommodation and Meals

  1. Volunteers will live in small houses in the village
  2. Simple and basic living condition
  3. Volunteers need to bring their own sleeping bag
  4. Volunteers are responsible for carrying out cooking, ingredients will be provided by VolTra


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