【私のインターン日記】My Internship Diary @ VolTra


(Hello everyone, I am Shu from Japan! I am currently staying in VolTra as an intern for 6 weeks! I would like to share my experience in Hong Kong with you guys. Hope you will like it!)

It has been a month since I came here. I really like my life in Hong Kong. The culture here is a mixture of international and Chinese tradition, which inspired me most. (And, of course, I love Dim Sums most^^)

In VolTra, people are so open, nice, and active! I played badminton with the team (at 8 am early in the morning you know><), and tried Thai boxing lessons. This was not a part of my work, but I really liked how the team in VolTra communicate with each other. I think this creates a very good atmosphere in the office. This is what I cannot see in Japan, which impresses me so much!

I also identified myself as a “glocal citizen” by interacting with a lot of people from many different places, especially when I joined the workcamp in Tai Po with the local youths and other international volunteers last week.

Exploring a new place is never easy, but definitely worthwhile when you find something interesting or meaningful. You never know what you will come across if you do not start your first step. I will keep trying many new things in HK after this internship!


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