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Leadership Training Program 

Want your students to understand the "Sustainable Development Goals" of environmental protection, put them into action, use creativity to transform daily "food waste" into "treasures", and even change their living habits to reduce waste from the source? Hurry up and gather a group of students who are full of creativity, enthusiasm for the environment and action, through innovative training experience and interesting task challenges, together to make positive changes for the food waste problem and environmental protection!

Seats are limited, please recommend students to become environmental leaders!
In this program, your students can:
Experience a variety of innovative upcycling methods,Use food waste to make unexpected and useful products, including: food waste jewelry, enzyme cleaner and compost bin, turn waste into treasure
Run out of the classroom, use the brand-new mobile learning program, and challenge tasks with your classmates, use photos and texts to share results, and learn from and improve each other
Students who have completed the entire program and performed outstandingly,Can get "Waste Out Leader" certification certificate, and Ways Out online store redemption voucher
Students who have completed the entire program and performed outstandingly will have the opportunity...
get"Waste Out Leader" certificate, enrich personal learning experience
if you:
  • There is a group of creative students who are full of enthusiasm and action for the environment
    (For Form 3 to Form 5 students only)

  • To help students understand environmental sustainability and food waste issues, and take actions towards this goal

  • The affiliated school supports environmental protection education, and has implemented and developed different plans to create a green campus


planning period: March to August 2023; the first and second training sessions must be separated by one week


Date and time: After being selected, someone will contact you to confirm the time

Length: 2.5 hours

Form: physical activity

Content: Introduction to the "Waste Out" Leaders Program, awareness of food waste issues, understanding of WaysOut's work in environmental education, food waste jewelry upcycling (Part 1), production of food waste compost bins, introduction and operation of the Task Challenge



Use creative upcycling, turn waste into treasure, and make positive changes for the food waste problem and environmental protection together!

Recommend students to participate in the "Waste Out" leadership program now!

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