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We’ve all heard of, if not drunk, Ceylon black tea. However, do you know where is Ceylon?

Indeed, Ceylon was the old name of Sri Lanka, a small island in the Indian Ocean. This year, with VolTra, you’ve got the chance to explore this exotic and mysterious area!

1. Assist the plan for handling local family problems for the local organization
2. Encourage the locals to learn English
3. Motivate locals to practise and use English in interactive ways.

1. Interact with kids by drawing, singing and dancing activities
2. Perform cultural exchange activities with the locals

POLONNARUWA, located at 260km from Colombo. It is the second most ancient of Sri Lanka’s kingdoms. The Ancient City of Polonnaruma has also been declared a World Heritage Site. Volunteers could explore the historical and religious culture of the city.

Cottage and host families will be arranged by the host institution. Sleeping bag is not necessary. Training center is equipped with electricity, but no internet. Some mobile connections are working. Meals will be cooked by the host, but you need to help wash dishes it by turns. 

High motivation to work and respect to the local culture and way of the local organization. Basic communication in English.

Extra information:
Volunteers should bring along with sufficient clothing, materials to introduce Hong Kong (e.g. the regional flag of HKSAR, Map, food etc.) as well as teaching materials for the activities (e.g. games, videos, songs or pictures)


NICE-18-12051A – HIGU 04A
5/12-11/12/2018(7 days【FULL】

NICE-18-12051B – HIGU 04B
5/12-18/12/2018(14 days【FULL】

NICE-18-12051C – HIGU 04C
5/12-14/12/2018(10 days【FULL】

NICE-18-12221A – HIGU 05A
22/12-28/12/2018(7 days 【FULL】

NICE-18-12221B – HIGU 05B
22/12-4/1/2019(14 days) 【FULL】

NICE-18-12221C – HIGU 05C
22/12-31/12/2018(10 days【FULL】


Photo sources: Christophe [email protected] , Janie Wong

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