[FULL] Mi-VolTra: Cultivate Friendly Social Hub @ Tai O (24 June)


Tai O, a place we find it strange yet familiar with.

It’s familiar when mentioning its nickname “Venice in the Orient”, many Hongkongers would like to spend a relaxing day in Tai O during the weekend. People could shift their focus from concrete jungle to Stilt Houses permeated with fishers’ atmosphere. You could also try an array of renowned local snacks here, charcoal egg-waffles, tofu custard, to name but a few.

It’s strange when most of the visitors do not have a chance to probe into the community of Tai O, nor getting to know the indigenous villagers who have been witnessing the changes here.

In June 2018, let’s explore Tai O with us! We are going to roast sweet potatoes for the elderly who live nearby and listen to their stories throughout the years. Meanwhile, we will also construct a recreational spot for the elderly so that they could relax and hang out there in the future.


Workcamp Code: VTMV18-06

Name: Mi-VolTra: Cultivate Friendly Social Landscape @Tai O

Date: 24 June 2018 (Sunday)

Meeting Time: 09:45a.m. (please be punctual)

Meeting Point: Tung Chung Exit A (shuttle bus will be provided)

Dismissal Time: 07:00p.m.

Dismissal Point: Tai O

Types: Culture / Construction / Community

Quota: 20

Co-organiser: FishPlant Ltd. 

Aim & Goal

  1. Get to know Tai O community and the villagers there
  2. Help establish a recreational spot for the elderly


  1. Roast sweet potatoes and distribute them to the elderly nearby
  2. Establish a recreational spot, beautify the surrounding area
  3. Provide ideas for the recreational spot


This is an outdoor activity which requires physical strength, together with the hot weather in June, please be aware of personal health condition before apply for this activity.


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