VolTra Glocal Citizen Award at Conference on Empowering Youth Leadership for Glocal Impact


Hong Kong’s First International Conference on Global Volunteering

VolTra Presents VolTra Glocal Citizen Award at
Conference on Empowering Youth Leadership for Glocal Impact

Immediate Release-Hong Kong, 2 February, 2018 – VolTra, established with a mission to promote global citizenship and international volunteerism organised the Conference on Empowering Youth Leadership for Glocal Impact today, and presented the VolTra Glocal Citizen Award to three winners to recognise their distinguished contribution in making an impact on the local and overseas communities.

Kicking off the half-day Conference, Co-founder and Executive Director of VolTra, Bird Tang said,
“By participating in a cause to improve humanity, you will see purpose. It is needed in business, education, civil society and governments. This is the mission of VolTra which seeks to bring transformation to lives through volunteering overseas. Only by joining forces can the world solve problems together and create a better place for all of us as we are all in VolTra’s term, ‘glocal citizens’.”

Co-founder and Executive DIrector of VolTra Mr. Bird TANG delivering welcomes remarks at the VolTra Conference.

Former President of Legislative Council Jasper Tsang Yok-sing, said in his keynote speech, “The millennials, more than any generations before them are living, working and interacting with people from different cultures. While speaking a foreign language and travelling to exotic places are some ways to broaden the horizons, having a global mindset and respectful attitude are the key attributes a leader should aspire to have.”

Former President of Legislative Council Mr. Jasper TSANG Yok-sing delivers his keynote address at the VolTra Conference.

After delivering his speech, Mr. Tsang presented the VolTra Glocal Citizen Award to three founders of non-profit ventures for their high-level achievements.

Former President of Legislative Council Jasper TSANG Yok-sing (first left) presents the VolTra Glocal Citizen Award to Ms. Sarah CHU Ying-chui (second left), Mr. Alan CHAN Kam-lun (third left), and Ms. Pink LEE Wai-ki (third left), and Ms. Sarah CHU Ying-chui (second right). First right: Mr. Siuman CHEUNG, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of VolTra.

Alan Chan Kam-lun (陳金倫) , a school teacher started the Honken Global Volunteering for Change (http://hgvckenya.org) in Kenya in 2015 to tackle poverty by improving education in the slums, encouraging the local timber industry and empowering the youth and women in the poor areas. Honken also organises peace building programmes through sports and school debates to minimise ethnic conflicts and violence arising from it.

Pink Lee Wai-ki (李慧琪) was visiting Nepal in 2015 when a devastating earthquake hit. With her network and volunteering experience, she managed to raise donation independently and deliver eight tonnes of relief materials to victims directly, avoiding any misuse because of power abuse and corruption. More than 700 families were helped as a result. Lee subsequently launched Light On (http://www.lighton.org.hk) to focus on rebuilding schools and bringing volunteers overseas to work with the local residents. Until now, over 70 international volunteers have been involved in the school re-construction programmes in Nepal with more than 500 students benefitted.

Sarah Chu Ying-chui (朱影翠), a trained physiotherapist founded Wheel Power Challenge (https://www.facebook.com/wheelpowerchallenge/) in Hong Kong in 2015 to promote a barrier-free community through simulation exercises, such as using a wheelchair to get around. So far, about 800 people have taken part in such learning projects. The group also provides support for young people to create projects for social inclusion, and consultancy services for companies to incorporate inclusion in workplace.

The three winners are chosen from participants of more than 4,000 VolTra workcamps in Hong Kong and abroad since its establishment in 2009. The awards are conferred by VolTra for the first time as the projects have reached a considerable scale, and have successfully made a significant impact on the communities and transformed people’s lives both locally and globally.

The projects of the winners are on display alongside the Conference as part of the exhibition of the Hong Kong Jockey Club Glocal Hero Tournament. Other projects on show include a range of community-based initiatives related to farming techniques in Cambodia, sustainable living, generating renewable energy from idle sources and fair trade.

Followed by the award presentation, at the panel discussion “Accelerating Youth Leadership for 2030”, speakers shared their views on the growing importance of cultural quotient (CQ) in the globalized economy. They included Ms. Adrienne Faessler, Enterprise Relationship Manager at LinkedIn, Mr. Rob Stewart, UBS’s Chief Communication Officer for Asia Pacific, Mr. Jasper Tsang and Ms. Victoria Lovelock, Director of Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service & NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee and Vice President for Youth and Public Relations. The session was moderated by Ms. Ada Yip, CEO of home-grown social enterprise, Urban Spring.

For the second panel, iconic figures, legislator Tanya Chan Suk-chong, barrister-turned-tutor Joseph Lam Chok and TV host and keen VolTra volunteer Mr. Erik Mak Ka-wai were brought together in “A Glocal Dialogue: From Conflict to Consensus” , with Prof. John Nguyet Erni,
Fung Hon Chu Endowed Chair of Humanics, Chair Professor in Humanities and Department Head, Baptist University as the moderator.

More than 150 guests attended the Conference, including international and local young leaders and volunteers as well as representatives of leading companies and non-profit organisations from over 20 countries. The Conference will kick-start the Network for Voluntary Development in Asia 2018 General Assembly which is held in Hong Kong for the first time. Volunteering organisations from more than 20 countries will discuss the development and strategy of voluntary services in Asia at the gathering.

A registered charity, VolTra provide over 4,000 international work camps and voluntary service projects in about 100 countries every year, as well as programmes in Hong Kong for both local and overseas volunteers.


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