When should I start planning my journey?


Workcamp Placement

After VolTra has received your application and started workcamp placement, you will receive an Acknowledgement Email from VolTra.

Normally, you will receive our email on the status of placement within 14 days. If you are not chosen for your first choice, we will immediately try to place you in your second choice without notification, vice versa. So, in a few cases, it may take more than a month to get acceptance. In case all choices are full, we will inform you to choose other workcamps.

Workcamp Confirmation and Preparation Before Departure

Once your application has been accepted, you will receive an Acceptance Letter from VolTra by email. The letter will specify the name, the code, the dates and the location of your workcamp.

Some hosting workcamp organizations require applicants to complete a Letter of Acceptance or Confirmation Slip. Please submit this information as appropriate.

Upon receipt the Acceptance Letter, you can start to prepare for your travel arrangement, including:

Air Tickets: Buy the air tickets immediately upon receipt of the Acceptance Letter, no need to wait for the Information Sheet. You are required to complete and submit the Flight Schedule once the flight schedule has been confirmed.

Travel Insurance: Make sure you have bought travel and medical insurance before joining your workcamp.

Visa: Supporting letters of workcamp participation for visa application can be provided by the hosting workcamp organizations upon request. However, there is no guarantee on the approval of your visa application.

Vaccination: Consult your doctor or visit Travel Health Centre and check if compulsory vaccination is needed for the country you will go.

Normally, you will receive the Information Sheet about 3-4 weeks prior to the workcamp commencement date. The Information Sheet will specify the detailed information about work schedule, meeting point and time, transportation, accommodation and meal, things to bring, emergency contact, etc.

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