Who can join workcamp?


Application Eligibility

1. Nationality

All Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China citizens or residents of any nationality can apply for international workcamps through VolTra although other applicants should apply through the workcamp organizations in their home country.

Since there are different entry requirements to overseas countries for Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China citizens or residents, you should first understand the visa requirement and its approval condition of your destination before submission of application forms. Supporting letters of workcamp participation for visa application can be provided by the hosting workcamp organizations upon request. However, there is no guarantee on the approval of your visa application. Also, you are required to bear all costs incurred on visa application.

2. Age

In general, anyone who is at least 18 years old can apply for international workcamps through VolTra. There is no age upper limit for joining a workcamp, but some workcamps are restricted to participants of a specific age group determined by the hosting workcamp organizations. The age range requirement has been specified in the workcamp description.

If you are between 14 and 17 years old, you may apply for teenage workcamps, which are specially organized for teenagers. Applicants under 18 years old must submit the Acknowledgement of Risks, Consent & Undertaking of Parent/Guardian duly signed by their parents or guardians together with the application.

3. Language

English is usually the common language in most workcamps. Since workcamp participants come from different countries with different mother tongues, you do not need to speak fluent English, but more importantly, you should try to communicate with others.

Some workcamps may require participants to speak local languages. The language requirement has been specified in the workcamp description.

4. Physical Fitness

There is physical fitness requirement for joining a workcamp. However, you need to consider your physical limitation when choosing workcamps. Some workcamps may require participation in intensive manual and labour work such as agriculture, construction and renovation, etc.

5. Training & Interview

There is no training or interview requirement for joining a workcamp. If some work requires special skills, workcamp leaders or other volunteers will have appropriate arrangements set up when you arrive at the workcamp.

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