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SMART Community Hackathon

社區創新科技大賽 2023




FOKUS是人工智能計算機視覺和物聯網技術(AIOT)的融合,可評估學習狀況並提供專注程度指數作為用戶和監護人的關鍵績效指標。 根據其建議進行調整,可以獲得理想的工作環境和適合的學習方法。

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Haven’t you encountered the problem of not being able to focus or having trouble managing study performances? We all know how difficult it is to stay focused. According to the Programme for International Student Assessment’s latest report (2018), Hong Kong students’ performance ranking in STEAM areas has greatly declined. In such a situation, the implementation of tech products will help users. While there are some already available, they only passively help users. This is where FOKUS comes in, the productivity system that actively assists you in focusing.

FOKUS is a fusion of AI computer vision and IOT technology (AIOT) that evaluates the study condition and provides a focus level index as the key performance indicator for users and guardians. By adjusting according to its suggestions, an ideal work environment and suitable learning methods can be obtained.

Our FOKUS board is designed with detail to ergonomics. Features are attached to the top of the unfolding board for convenient usage. Once unfolded, an environment suitable for working, reading and writing will be revealed. Sensors on the board access carbon dioxide levels, bench top and ambient light levels, air quality, and noise levels simultaneously, allowing the user’s movement and nearby environment to be recorded as data, providing an all-rounded report after analysing. Plus, with the implementation of AI Computer Vision, FOKUS also tracks and calculates the user’s eye aspect ratio (EAR), which measures the user’s eye blinking activity.

The logic behind this is simple. According to the National Library of Medicine’s research, the speed of eye blinking can be an indicator of concentration levels. It is reported that adults blink 4-30 times per minute under normal circumstances, but with as little as 3-8 blinks per minute during intense focus. Thus, the eye-aspect ratio can be utilised to measure the user’s concentration level.

FOKUS comes with a companion app, where the environmental data and a key performance indicator is shown in a minimalistic interface. With the addition of our built-in ThingSpeak extension, users can visualise their progress with real-time graphs, allowing a vivid understanding of the user’s performance.

On the other hand, the International Survey of Children’s Well-Being suggests that students tend to lack communication with their parents when it comes to academic areas. FOKUS enables parents to monitor and understand their children's progress, allowing the parent-child relationship to advance through improved communication and understanding.

The FOKUS tool can be greatly utilized by students in Hong Kong, maintaining Hong Kong’s competitiveness. With more upcoming challenges and increasing stress levels, implementing new technology like the “AIOT” field to assist students in learning and productivity can greatly bring up their work efficiency, thus maintaining Hong Kong’s competitiveness in the long run.

As you can see, FOKUS is a well-rounded productivity system which provides data-supported analysis and a more preferable learning experience, placing the user one step closer to success. Our invention supports users in their work, converting “studying” into an activity fostering family bonding.

FOKUS links you to success!



「SMART Community Hackathon」比賽會配合「滙豐香港社區夥伴計劃」的方向,支持各區的學校以社會創新概念及幫助弱勢社群建立抗逆力,為應對未來做好準備的項目、推動綠色思維及可持續生活、支持長者/有跨代共融概念的項目,並凝聚各界以促進社區成長與合作,共建一個共融和諧及可持續的資源節約型社會。

有關「SMART Community Hackathon」的比賽詳情及背景:請瀏覽


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如有任何其他關於本活動的問題,歡迎致電 2683 5900 / 電郵至 與何小姐聯絡。

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