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SMART Community Hackathon

社區創新科技大賽 2023






截止日期:10月16日 (星期一) 下午5時

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Introducing Workability: Empowering Disability Inclusion in the Workforce

Are you ready to be part of a groundbreaking movement? Workability is here to revolutionize the way we think about disability inclusion in the workforce. We believe that every individual, regardless of their abilities, deserves an equal opportunity to pursue their passions and contribute their unique talents.

Imagine a world where individuals with disabilities are not limited by societal barriers. With Workability, we are turning this vision into a reality. By connecting talented freelancers with clients through our innovative platform, we are opening doors to a world of possibilities.

Our personalized AI recommendations ensure that freelancers with disabilities are matched with projects that align perfectly with their skills and passions. We believe that everyone deserves the chance to shine and showcase their expertise. Let us empower you to reach your fullest potential.

Take Rachel, for example. A visually impaired community college student with a burning passion for graphic design. Despite facing countless rejections and limited opportunities, she refused to let her disability define her. When she discovered Workability, her life took a remarkable turn.

Through our client-to-freelancer matching system, Rachel found herself taking on exciting graphic design projects. Our AI voice assistant enabled seamless communication, ensuring that she could fully understand and participate in client discussions. No more barriers, no more limitations.

But we didn't stop there. Recognizing Rachel's desire to grow her skills, Workability recommended personalized online courses to bridge any gaps in her knowledge. Our AI-generated learning methods adapted to her visual impairment, allowing her to confidently master new tools and techniques. As she completed courses and obtained professional certifications, her talent became undeniable.

At Workability, we are not just about individual success stories. We are about transforming the landscape of disability inclusion in the workforce. With a market value of over 46 billion USD in assistive technology and a projected growth of the AI market to 100 billion USD by 2030, the potential for impact is vast.

By joining forces with us, you become an agent of change. Together, we can break down barriers, challenge societal norms, and create a future where no talent goes untapped. Our partnerships with organizations like HSBC and the Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power demonstrate our commitment to making a real difference.

So, are you ready to be part of something extraordinary? Join us on this journey to unleash the potential of individuals with disabilities and shape a more inclusive future with Workability. Together, we can redefine what is possible in the world of work and build a society where everyone has an equal chance to succeed.


截止日期:10月16日 (星期一) 下午5時


「SMART Community Hackathon」現正舉辦公眾投票活動,邀請各界人士從20隊入圍決賽的隊伍中,選出「網上最受歡迎項目獎」,藉此加深大眾對相關議題及「社會創新科技」的認識。您的一票將鼓勵來自各中間的同學在未來繼續發揮創新精神,回應社區需要!

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如有任何其他關於本活動的問題,歡迎致電 2683 5900 / 電郵至 與何小姐聯絡。

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