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Application Deadline: 2 May 2024 (Thu), 12:00 noon
In this journey, you will...
Experience personal growth development and gain hands-on soft skills through workshops and training
Gain actual work experience in start-up social enterprises & charities in Hong Kong
Build a personal network with like-minded people
Gain programme certificates and reference letters from unique organizations
Application Deadline:  
2 May 2024 (Thu), 12:00 noon
Programme Details
Internship arrangement:
  • Late May - August 2024

  • 260 working hours 

  • Flexible format (Full-time/Part-time) 

  • Working hour depends on different organizations

  • Weekends & holidays duties may be arranged depending on different organizations' needs

Who can apply?
  • Lingnan university full-time undergraduate students

  • Interested in social enterprise & startup organization

  • All study majors are welcome

  • Eligible students will be fully subsidized by OSA, Lingnan University 

OSA, Lingnan University will provide a subsidy of $5,850 to cover the programme fee, allowing you to join the programme for free !

Internship Journey
Online application

The application procedure is super easy! You can submit your application through this platform by clicking "Apply Now" .

Deadline: 2 May 2024 (Thur) 12:00 noon, apply now as soon as possible!

Screening & Interview

Only shortlisted students will be invited to attend the interviews, online/face-to-face interviews will be arranged from 6 May to 17 May 2024

Trainings & Workshops

You will experience various workshops and training to help you get ready for the internship. Details below:

1.  Internship Briefing and Personal Growth Workshop
📆Date: 21 April 2024 (Tue) 
⏰Time: 19:00-21:00
🚩Venue: Lingnan University

2. Soft Skills Development Training

📆Date: May-July

⏰Time: Self-paced

🚩Venue: Online

3. Facilitation Session x2
Weekday Evening x2 (between June-Aug)

⏰Time: TBC
🚩Venue: hosting organization or Lingnan University campus


You will work closely at a social enterprise & startup organization with an amazing team in the coming summer period of 2024 (Late May to August).

You should complete at least 260 working hours with a flexible format (full-time or part-time).

Host Organizations

VolTra aims to provide a valuable chance for people to explore the culture, communities, and social issues of different countries! Offer a good platform to make friends with people from more than 50 countries, and turn your passion into action!


HKEXAT is the first Registered Charitable Organization that uses Expressive Arts Therapy(EXAT) as a psychotherapeutic approach to improve mental well-being. Our mission is to promote EXAT locally and provide a wide range of EXAT services for enhancing arts participation and mental well-being among the general public.


Be Still Together dedicate to promoting mindfulness and a culture of tranquility. They influence society through organizing local meditation communities, offering professional training courses, and producing resources.

AFS HK logo.png

AFS Intercultural Exchanges is the Hong Kong office of an international non-profit organization, AFS Intercultural Programs, which focuses on providing intercultural learning opportunities like overseas exchange programs and local hosting programs.

social career logo.png

Social Career enables greater generosity through curated opportunities and experiences that inspire giving. They are building technology that helps non-profit organisations and other impact makers grow and connect with their community.

AnimalSE logo.jpeg

Animal SE is Hong Kong's first animal rehabilitation social enterprise, offering a wide range of services including pet rehabilitation therapy, medical grooming, and pet boarding. We aim to connect with community resources and collaborate with government and business sectors to systematize and enhance existing services, as well as to raise funds for launching new initiatives.


The founder of Ohmylk noticed the growing popularity of plant-based milk in recent years. Recognizing that consumers increasingly seek both healthfulness and convenience, they aimed to create a machine that allows people to enjoy healthy plant-based milk quickly and easily.


StartChing provides media training to disadvantaged youths with the aim of enhancing their employability. The training will cover media workshops, career development talks and skills of operating a social media page.

Previous Interns Feedback 
Ada Chan​


Host organization: VolTra


Karen Lai







Host organization: Hong Kong Free Tours

“ 當時我覺得好迷惘, 沒有辦公室經驗的我, 就像一張白紙,我能否轉型?我會否比其他同齡比下去? 有老闆會給我機會嗎?  計劃後的我, 在辦公室目睹每一位同事都臥虎藏龍, 我靜靜地從中偷師, 學了很多新的技能及處理人際關係的小秘笈。 這個計劃令我大開眼戒, 豐富了我的履歷, 是我人生的一個新篇章!  ”

Start your unique internship journey! 
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