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About VolTra

Founded in 2009, VolTra is registered as a charity, aiming to encourage everyone to actively participate in global and local actions. By planning a variety of local and overseas volunteer projects, we broaden the global and local vision of the participants and inspire them to turn their ideas into actions. The world changes with our worldview; our worldview, in turn, affects what we do. VolTra hopes to turn volunteering into everyone's career, so that participants can build friendships, diverse teams and communities from volunteering activities, brainstorm, create together, own together, and have fun in it.

About VolTra

  • Everyone takes part in Glocal Action
  • We curate journeys that broaden global and local perspectives and inspire impactful action
Belief (Value)
  • The world changes with our worldview
  • Building Friendships, Teams and Community Together
  • Volunteering is our cause
  • create together, own together
  • Diversity makes us better
  • do good deeds and have fun
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In retrospect, travel is a process of learning, growth, and change, which is the original intention of founding voluntary travel. Volunteering is to let everyone see the infinite possibilities of life and the freedom of choice. We believe that personal experience is the greatest motivation for teaching and learning. Learning is never limited to school or book knowledge. The world is a big classroom. Inspiration can be found around every corner.

During these days, we have carried out many educational experiments. Through action learning such as travel experiences, community participation, and game exchanges, we have traveled through life classrooms with you, changing ourselves, the community, and the world in different ways. The world, be who you want to be, live in the community and world you want.

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Why should you want to join the actins of VolTra?
1. Satisfy your curiosity

Our activities are specially designed for people who are curious about the world, encouraging you to start from around you and re-understand the world.Through activities such as traditional culture, unique history, natural scenery, characteristic religion, politics and people's livelihood, or cultural customs, you can discover social features that you have not noticed before, and start the first step to broaden your horizons!

2. Take you to see the world

We go deep into the local community in various ways, communicate with the locals, listen to their voices, feel their situation, imagine their views, experience different cultures, and inspire your empathy to contribute to the community.

3. Help you realize your ideals

Is there something you want to change? We will help you turn your ideas into actions, and provide practical knowledge, training and support, connect with like-minded friends, and push you to realize what you want to change your mind and practice.

VolTra has built a huge network through various partners to provide Hong Kong volunteers with different overseas volunteer service opportunities.


We cooperate with more than 200 overseas partner organizations covering more than 100 countries, organize international work camps and volunteer service programs in different places every year, and recruit volunteers from all over the world, and we arrange Hong Kong volunteers to participate in it. In addition to overseas projects, Volunteer Tours will organize different local activities, allowing you to explore the local culture and community in Hong Kong.


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