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Join our team , practice ideas together, and start a different life!

Assist in the organization of charity tours/partners' local and overseas projects,Explore different cultures and friends from different backgrounds 
Connect with partners from different backgrounds to jointly plan influential projects,Travel to different cultures
Exclusive benefits:Participate in volunteer activities for free! Provide on-the-job training and exclusive courses, Grow together!
practiceInstitutional philosophy: to exert personal influence, moreOpportunity to support/participate in other local or overseas institutional projects!

The position that is now open for application 


Position 1: Assistant Project Manager
               (Local Volunteer Projects)
Position 2: Project Officer (Community Projects)

Join our team, practice the concept together, and start a different life!

Impact Fellow Social Enterprise Internship Program

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Staff experience sharing 

"I am very glad that I can participate in the work of volunteer tours. Even in extraordinary times, I can still connect with friends from different places through different technologies and methods. My daily work is full of the feeling of traveling."

"During the volunteer tour, I realized that life is full of possibilities! Here, I have the opportunity to try different projects and experiences in a working environment full of freedom."

Impact Fellow Internship Reflections


"Time flies like an arrow, and the days of my voluntary internship have come to an end. However, in just two months, I have experienced and learned far beyond my imagination.


As a graduate who is about to step into the society, the road aheadIt is inevitable to feel helpless and do not have a clear understanding of the current workplace environment. This program just allowed me to obtain a very valuable internship opportunity before graduation, and deepened my understanding of Hong Kong's social welfare sector for me who was full of doubts about the future. "


"I am very glad that I checked my email one day and saw this plan. I have never regretted signing up as a volunteer travel intern editor. This experience has made me grow in all aspects and brought great benefits. An unforgettable experience and challenge.”

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Volunteer work daily


Combining work with entertainment, exploring the cultures of different countries


Meet volunteer travelers who love to travel to "righteous" places full of stories


Contact global partners to jointly plan local/overseas volunteer projects


Pushing boundaries to connect community leaders and youth everywhere

About Volunteer 

Founded in 2009, Volunteer Travel is registered as a charity, aiming to encourage everyone to actively participate in global and local actions. By planning a variety of local and overseas volunteer projects, we broaden the global and local vision of the participants and inspire them to turn their ideas into actions. Volunteering has built a huge network through various partners to provide Hong Kong volunteers with different overseas volunteer service opportunities. We cooperate with more than 200 overseas partner organizations covering more than 100 countries, organize international work camps and volunteer service programs in different places every year, and recruit volunteers from all over the world, and we arrange Hong Kong volunteers to participate in it.

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