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Collaborate with VolTra

VolTra has built a huge network through various partners to provide tailor-made overseas "group work camps" and local activities in Hong Kong for different institutions, companies, and organizations. We cooperate with partner institutions from more than 100 countries/regions to organize international work camps and local activities in different places, and arrange participants from schools or partner institutions to participate.

Overseas "Group Work Camp"


Through group projects conducted overseas, partcipants can communicate with local people, experience foreign culture, provide continuous volunteer services to the local community.

Local Guided Tours / Cultural Events


Build curiosity, explore different cultures, volunteer with different local organizations in Hong Kong. VolTra brings you a different local guided tours/cultural activities experience.

Micro Volunteer Program Cooperation

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Donate time and skills anytime, anywhere, and do good without boundaries. Charities can fragment their services, no longer limited by time and place, without training and management, and experience an innovative volunteer model.

​What is "Group Work Camp"?

Life in Hong Kong is busy, and it is not easy to find time to participate in a two-week overseas volunteer service. In view of this, VolTra and overseas partner organizations jointly organize "group work camps" ranging from several days to one to two weeks, hoping to provide continuous volunteer services to the local community through such group projects.


We often cooperate with different colleges, companies, and organizations to plan "group work camps" for their students or employees. Each "group work camp" consists of 10 to 20 Hong Kong volunteers and volunteer travel representatives. Volunteers can communicate with local people, experience foreign cultures, and contribute to the local community.


Previous Partners

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​The "Group Work Camp" arranged by Volunteer Tours will be operated by a licensed travel agency "Hong Kong Free Tours" (license number: 354189)_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Project cooperation inquiry

Interested projects

Remarks: This page is limited to institutional/school cooperation inquiries. If you are a participant of individual activities, please browse the "International Work Camp"/"Local Activities" page of the above directory for details/inquiry methods of individual activities.

Thank you for your enquiry, we will be in touch shortly

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