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SMART Community Hackathon

社區創新科技大賽 2023



S50:Smarty Pants by Hikers United

我們的產品‘Smarty Pants’是一款智能登山褲,可防止老年人通過感覺和壓力跌倒,旨在幫助老年登山愛好者享受大自然,同時不用擔心徒步旅行時摔倒。

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Hikers United presents our newest line Growing Young, featuring ‘Smarty Pants,’ a smart, stylish, and safe hiking trouser that is designed to assist elderly hiking enthusiasts.

The main way ‘Smarty Pants’ prevents elderly from falling, is through sensory and compression. It is a hiking trouser that includes breathable and environmentally friendly elastic nylon material that puts pressure on the muscle to increase blood circulation. It reduces tensions in the muscle, and thus prevents the chances of major fall injuries. Our ‘Smarty Pants’ take emergency measures in case of falling, by protecting them from injuries through airbags. The app we created (Hike Smart) has an advanced GPS system which constantly gives signals to nearby city satellites of your hiking location, and also keeps track of their hiking buddies’ location. Finally, the app also has an emergency call function in case of an accident.

Apart from safety, Hikers United takes into environmental sustainability, its size and aesthetics. Our 100% recycled nylon for the pants are super comfy. We look to convert our waste, such as leftover nylon to recycled nylon or recycle it for our other upcoming products such as the ‘Smart glasses’ and ‘Smart GoPro’.

Hiking is for everyone. Everyone in our ‘Growing Young’ community is provided sizes ranging from extra small to extra extra large. Our clothes are also equally stylish. Seniors are allowed to customize their preference of color and patterns for their pants, some include polka dots, strips or just minimalist plain beige and forest green attires. Through the aesthetics, we hope that elderly people will grow young and have a sense of uniqueness and youth.

Our glamorous design is decorated with neon color patterns to make themselves easily recognizable during their hike, in case of any emergency. Hike Smart, Hike Safe, Hike Stylish with Hikers United.



「SMART Community Hackathon」比賽會配合「滙豐香港社區夥伴計劃」的方向,支持各區的學校以社會創新概念及幫助弱勢社群建立抗逆力,為應對未來做好準備的項目、推動綠色思維及可持續生活、支持長者/有跨代共融概念的項目,並凝聚各界以促進社區成長與合作,共建一個共融和諧及可持續的資源節約型社會。

有關「SMART Community Hackathon」的比賽詳情及背景:請瀏覽


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如有任何其他關於本活動的問題,歡迎致電 2683 5900 / 電郵至 與何小姐聯絡。

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